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NEW 1366 Ultra-Realism Diplomacy Testers Needed: 6/21/2017 03:21:49

[FCC] CBerkley10
Level 51
Hello diplomacy community. I am here with yet another diplomacy project, an ultra-realistic diplomacy set in the year 1366 in Europe. The factors that lead me to call this "ultra-realistic" are the many off-warlight factors that are essential to the game working as it is supposed to. These factors are included using a google sheet to show foreign relations (will be further explained later in this post) and a series of Google documents to keep track of trading, allies, enemies of players, factions, wars, nation currency or morale, etc. If you do not have the time or the means to stay active in checking the documents for changes, this is NOT the diplomacy game for you. I would also like to have all 34 players on a discord server, which has channels for different game features to allow for a cleaner and less crowded game chat in the Warlight game itself.

The game will feature a currency system, trading, resources, and other various aspects of a nation's survival, which will all be displayed on the Google Doc. The games features and complexity can closest be compared to the PC game Europa Universalis IV (EU4).

I need players who will NOT be booted or surrender the game, as it is unacceptable and virtually gamebreaking for this diplomacy game. I know some believe it is impossible to have a game where no one is booted, but it has been done, and can easily be done again for this game if the players are willing to put in the time to play it. If you are interested up to this point, please read the rest of this post and if you are still interested in participating, use this link to join the discord server where testing discussion is taking place. Please only chat in the "pre-game-testing" chat server, which you will find once you go to the link. https://discord.gg/FNJD44z If you do not already have discord, please create an account with your Warlight name as your username so it is known who you are in testing discussion.

Realism Features Explained
(The game and Google Doc are still under heavy development so neither the template, nor the Google Doc is completed, but all necessary links will be located at the end of this post for viewing)

To start off, each nation will have its own Google Doc page, full with information about the nation. Exact information on costs and morale points (explained below) will be included in the final version of the Google Doc once everything is discussed in the testing Discord chat. The information included will be the following, each of which will be explained further down:
-Nation Name
-Ruler Age
-Vassalship (If applicable)
-HRE membership information (If applicable)
-Population Morale
-Amount of National Currency
-Current Wars

Nation Name: Given at the start of the game but can be changed and evolved throughout the game's progression if need be.
Capitol: Given at the start of the game based on historical location but can also be changed throughout the game at the cost of currency, resources, and morale changes (explained later)
Ruler/Ruler Age: Given at the start of the game, ruler will age and eventually die at a set age (age progresses with the number of turns in the game as each turn is "x" amount of time). Ruler can also be expelled from leadership if population morale drops below a certain number, causing a coup d'etat by the people, where at that point a new ruler is put in place (system of naming, age, etc. of ruler still yet to be discussed) The ruler system will be discussed further but this is a basic outline.
Vassalship: Any nation which is a vassal to another nation will show that vassalship in this section of the Google Doc for the nation. Any extra information about the vassalship will also be here. If the nation is not a vassal, there will be no information in this spot. Vassal mother countries will not have any information, only the vassal will have the information. Vassals may not have vassals of their own, and they must obey any orders of the mother country unless otherwise stated in vassalship discussions.
HRE Membership Information: This is where a nation's HRE membership information is held. If a nation is part of the HRE, it will have one of three titles in this spot: HRE Member, Elector, or Emperor. (The next bit will explain the HRE system in the game) This game will feature a working Holy Roman Empire (HRE) system, with 7 elector nations who make decisions for all of the nations inside the HRE as a whole. The HRE is a very complicated system historically, making it very hard to replicate in the game. So yes, I know some of the aspects of THIS HRE system are not realistic, but they are made for the best working of the game and they can be changed if need be. All nations in the HRE are in some way, vassals of the Emperor nation. The Emperor is elected every 4 years, and can be re-elected if the votes count in such way. Each of the 7 elector nations places 2 votes (not for themselves) for one or two (one vote for each) of their fellow electors and whichever elector has the most votes, is crowned the Emperor of the HRE. The Emperor is required to declare war on any nation which invades a member of the HRE in defense of that member (Offensive wars waged by HRE members are excluded from this rule). Each non-elector nation must pay a tax to the Emperor every 6 months as a cost for their protection.
Population Morale: Actions such as declaring war, trading, creating alliances, and etc. will have some effect on the morale of a nation's population. This morale can effect yearly income, rulers, and other aspects which will be further discussed. Exact numbers of the consequences of different actions will have their own Google Doc page for easy access for players to decide if declaring war would really be worth it, or if making a certain alliance would build their population's morale so that they can keep a steady stream of currency coming in to use in trading and other things.
Currency and Resources: Currency and Resources are essential to being able to make certain actions such as moving a nation's capitol or declaring war, as those actions require resources to take place. Currency can be obtained through yearly income from the population, and both currency and resources can be obtained through trade or peace treaties. It is essential to monitor your nation's currency and resources and take into account these numbers to determine again if declaring war would be beneficial to your nation or if it would be too costly to sustain a possible long-lasting war.
Allies and Current Wars Allies will be displayed here for easy access to know who your nation is allied to in case of war. The current wars spot will only show the name of any war you are currently involved in. A separate page is dedicated to providing further information on wars.

Extra aspects to the game include war goals to prevent complete conquest of another player's nation, trade partners, factions (groups of nations all allied to each other), defensive pacts, non-aggresion pacts and etc. All of these extra things will be discussed in the testing chat room on Discord.

Anyway, if anyone has gotten to this point and read everything in this post, I thank you for spending time doing so. If you are still interested in being a part of the development of this diplomacy, as stated before, please join the Discord chat and join the room "pre-game-testing" only. Be aware, if more than 34 players join, everyone may still aid in the development, but only 34 will be chosen to play the game. Bootrate, and experiences of other players playing with you will be taken into account when choosing these 34 members. I know this is a large project and it will not appeal to everyone, but for those it does appeal to, I hope you will join me in making this game happen. I again thank you all for taking time out of your day in reading this, and I hope we can make this a fun and enjoyable and immersive experience for all who take part.

Please leave a reply below to let me know you would like to join, regardless of if you have joined the Discord server or not so I may collect names. Also feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Discord Invite Link (Talk in "pre-game-testing" chat room)
- https://discord.gg/FNJD44z

Google Doc Link (not completed, but the link is here to view progress)
- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1umWAtAvoQNxub7G5XoI0Ien4XR8VDcMuGX9OKsvbUIA/edit?usp=sharing

Google Sheets Link (not completed, will show foreign relations scores as well as alliances, warring nations, etc. which will be further explained in the rules section of the Google Doc)
- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hLtqrLt14mvb9t7y-iN6tKsYPqGri3bA8HpRv1ghKEg/edit?usp=sharing

Game Template Link (Territory is complete, armies, bonuses, and cards are not)
- https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=1028763

Feel Free to spread this forum around to other players that may be interested!

Edited 6/21/2017 04:02:57
NEW 1366 Ultra-Realism Diplomacy Testers Needed: 6/30/2017 15:21:09

[FCC] CBerkley10
Level 51
Only time I will bump this, still need players if anyone is interested...
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