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Alternate WW2 diplomacy: 6/19/2017 13:38:35

Emperor Justinian
Level 50
Germany does not declare on the USA. The USA does not enter the war on Germany and the Allies lose. Joseph Stalin and other communists have flee to China. If Emperor Justinian is the host feel free to ask him questions about the politics and stuff like that. Remember every slot is important. Standard diplo rules are required.Declare turn A attack turn B. Please roleplay and have fun.
Slot A: USA

Slot B: Third Riech

Slot C:France

Slot D: Irish Empire

Slot E: Russia

Slot F: Japan

Slot G: Communist China

Slot H:New Ottoman Empire

Slot J: Portugal

Slot K: Greco-Hungarian-Slavic Empire.

Slot L:Spain

Slot M: Canada

Slot N: Australia

Slot O:Brazil

Slot P: India

Slot Q: Scandinavian Union

Slot R:Chile and Argentina

Slot S: Mexico

Slot T: Belgium

Slot U:The Netherlands

Slot V: Iran

Slot W:Various South American countries

Slot X:Cuba and Central America

Created by Emperor Justinian
Alternate WW2 diplomacy: 6/21/2017 15:17:18

Emperor Justinian
Level 50
I feel like just as this starts people will ask to join.
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