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Greek Default and The Ottomans.: 6/15/2017 22:24:32

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Tax shirking for example, was a common patriotic habit of the Greeks during the Ottoman empire. The Greek government of today still has an inability to effectively enforce tax laws, as a result, they're drained from revenue. Another barrier which the Greek government has is that Greece has no land registry. Juncker has even blamed this on the Ottomans, but the Ottoman empire did consist of a registery building, so the Ottoman-bashing serves a double purpose I think. But if you count tax shirking plus no land registery, then you can probably see why the Greeks have been in debt for almost half of the existence of Greece as an independent state.

Not to mention that the Greeks got into default after they got loans during the war of independence in 1821.

So, what do you think, folks?
Greek Default and The Ottomans.: 6/15/2017 22:32:07

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WTH who's been leaking stuff from the RATIONAL DISCUSSION THREAD ?!
Greek Default and The Ottomans.: 6/16/2017 13:03:21

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you'd think having one of the highest working hours would help them, but nah.

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