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Single Player 15: 6/14/2017 20:05:21

Andrzej Duda
Level 15
How the hell do you win that? I mean that mission you start with 0 armies and have to overtake with your commander.

The ai doesn't follow any pattern you can learn and counter, it seems to me like 100% luck based.
I honestly tried dozens (if not hundreds) times. I also watched 2 videos I could find, but ai never acts like that

Any tips would be much appreciated, I honestly don't know ow what to do anymore.
Single Player 15: 6/15/2017 16:55:32

ZaZa The 🐧
Level 55
A different approach? You just need to push towards Asia and encounter the other AI and kill him. And i am not so good at giving advice, but honestly, by me it just flowed smoothly.

Edited 6/15/2017 16:55:38
Posts 1 - 2 of 2