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The Story of Enteria: 6/7/2017 19:13:20

Glory to Czechland
Level 53
Scenario: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=1045765
State: Beta. If you host it, send me link to the game
Description: 12 players "psycho" diplo game

-feel free to use any card you want, but emergy blocade!
-you DONT have to declare, but if you want to be an honest player, declare before 4:00 mark (realtime) or before player commited (multiday) and send enemy a PM
-respect your special rules
-slot A is the host. He playes as dungeon master(s), the Void lord and Fate. DONT boot him else game is ruined. Dont attack him unless its in special rules.
-each slot chooses its capital (1 territory). If the capital falls, the player MUST surrender and became a zombie.
-dont use PMs unless you communicate with the host or you are a betrayer.

-any player can do any dungeon. 1 player/ dungeon, 1 dungeon/ player
if you border the dungeon:
-declare expedition on it. Next turn will the dungeon attack you and you can attack the dungeon.
If you dont border:
-declare expedition on it and gift any territory of yours to the host. Next turn will dungeon give you a territory in it and attack you and you can attack the dungeon.

-each dungeon has its own amount of armies, income which will deploy agains you and time you have to clear it. If you run out of time, you can either surrender: territories will be kept as they are, but you will have a NAP with the dungeon and dungeon armies will replenish or keep exploring: the timer resets.

The Golden Tower:

30 income, 370 armies, 5 turns.

Youhmuraak's Prison:
60 income, 500 initial armies, 10 turns.

THE Dugeon:
120 income, ca 1250 armies, 15 turns.

-host owns all airlplanes
-noone can attack airplains
-sametimes host can attack sameone and spawn AI on the territory he attacked (A bandit leader has spawned near /territory/! He terrorizates the continent! The player who kills him recieves x armies!) etc.
-Rule of thumb: you can attack host everywhere but on ships, airplanes and dungeons (unless you on expedition)

every player will get secretly his role from this role list:

King side:
Win: kill everyone
Lose: King's death

King- the only pulic role - everyone knows who he is. If he lost his capital, whole side must surrender.
Knight- can give king one of his territories as new king's capital. Twice per game.
King's right hand - can PM with the king, king knows his role.
Clairvoyant- each turn will host give him/her either 3 names (of players) where at least 1 of them is not on king's side OR 2 names where at least 1 of them is on king's side
Investigator-can once per turn send host name of a player and a role. If he guesses player's role, host will tell him so.
Protector-can protect one player/turn. Protected player wont suffer from any bad ability for 1 turn. Can protect given player only once per 3 turns.

Betrayers side:
Win: kill everyone
Lose: All betrayers dead

General: once per game can use "Militia" ability. It will reveal his role and will get 5n armies from the host where n is his income
Diplomat: can roleblock a player each turn. RBed player wont use his ability. Can RB given player only once per 3 turns.
Saboteur: can send host a PM with name and a KING SIDE role. If he guesses, the mentoined player will be RBed till end of the game. If he guesses 3x wrong, he loses this ability.

Neutral roles:


Win: kill everyone
Lose: dies

Can reveal his role.

Unrevealed: can send a territory name to host via PM. Next turn the holder of the territory MUST gift the territory to AI (=zombie). 5 turns cooldown, can use even when revealed.

Can summon grasshoppers to lower enemy's income - host will keep sanctioning the target with sanction cards he gets untill necromance changes his target.
Summon the Voidlord. Works like summoning zombie, but the player will give the territory to HOST insteed of AI.

Host will use 100 income and airlift 1k to the territory, wont attack the necromancer. Can use only once.

Win: kill everyone
Lose: dies
can send a territory name to host via PM. Next turn the holder of the territory MUST emergy blocade the territory.

Win: survive till end of the game
Lose: dies
If he loses his capital, he cas still play and doesnt need to surrender.

Edited 6/11/2017 20:16:28
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