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one v one tips: 12/24/2011 20:27:37

Level 44
for some reason I have trouble with 1v1, I have a strong 3v3 record and consider myself a decent player but I was wondering if there are any superior strategies for the world map out there
one v one tips: 12/25/2011 04:17:08

[中国阳朔] V 
Level 12
Watch some ladder games of high ranked players. Tactics vary with different situations. Also watch your own history and learn from your mistakes or ask your opponenent to give you some tips when the game is finished.
one v one tips: 12/25/2011 05:39:42

Level 58
Or post a link to a specific game you lost so people can comment on what you did wrong.
one v one tips: 12/26/2011 19:57:57

Level 53
am like temujin tooi do well in ffa and teams but fail
Also i don't no how u link games
one v one tips: 12/26/2011 20:08:33

Level 60
Check settings in a game, there is a link
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