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need help from our fellow map makers: 5/30/2017 14:56:22

Level 59
Hello and thanks in advance i dont know if you know it guys but in the rt community for many years there are a lot of people who love big deathmatch games like 13v13 many new players play this kind of games

the problem is that mainly only 2 maps are being used and this maps are being used for many years


this the newest version https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=12391441 the first map is the most popular

what i am looking is something fresh although a ww2 theme always sells more maybe more new player friendly more accurate if possible to the theme and be possible to be played in rounds of max 7-9 munites.

What i will try to do after that is try to promote this map to the rt community and see if it works.

I too love this kind of maps and i really like the atmosphere of this games even though there always will be someone who insults or trolls. But a fact is that there are a good number of players who learned about warlght and the competitive scene of warlight through this kind of games and learned about basic strategic things through this games so i will be really happy if we can give even better maps.

thanks for your time
need help from our fellow map makers: 5/30/2017 18:13:37

Level 56
I wholeheartedly support any initiative that tries to promote other maps to be used than the same dozen that are being used now.
Thing is, though, it is very hard to change old habits. The reason these maps (with just a few scenarios) are so popular is that they almost guarantee a good scenario - just because it's been done a hundred times before.
So getting a few other maps (/scenarios) up to the same popularity isn't just a case of it being a good map and some promoting. It is also a case of finding enough people to play it a hundred times.

It gets even harder if you want to use it for new players as you mentioned, since they mostly start out with real time games, and filling a big real time game on a relatively unknown map or scenario is even harder.
If you think you have enough pull within the community (or enough friends), I'd gladly see you do it, and you can count on me.


Having said that, what is it that you actually want? This being the map development forum, it seems like you want an entirely new map made specifically for a large team game scenario?
There are already a lot of excellent maps that would lend itself very well to large (historical) scenarios. Do you need help picking a map, or putting a scenario together?
It would help to know :)
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