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Players Page On Real-Time Ladder: 5/30/2017 13:56:00

Level 61

If I'm looking over past games of myself on the RT Ladder. I would like to look over one template specially e.g French Brawl. I don't have time to look over X amount of games to find a game on a specific template. I believe because of this problem a solution would be to have the template name beside each link to help make the page more accessible.

Ideally a solution would be something done on the Multi-Day Ladder...


Looks much clearer and you know what link will possess which makes looking over past games much easier. This would be the solution I would propose.

Does anybody use uservoice anymore to make it viable to make a uservoice post?

It's a very small change but I would like it done in sometime in the future.
Players Page On Real-Time Ladder: 5/30/2017 15:51:39

Level 64
I hope that is not the way you search for games by template on MDL. You should use the search bar or the template page itself.

Players Page On Real-Time Ladder: 6/3/2017 07:58:42

Level 58
Yeah, there is already a request about this (or, something along this line) on uservoice. It's given on this forum page:


Edited 6/3/2017 08:02:20
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