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iOS App Bug: 5/30/2017 02:53:17

Level 27
When I try to reorder the attacks/transfers, using the hand icon to move it up or down in the list of commands, it automatically moves it down. So when I "grab" a move, it moves it down quickly and I have no control. It's very difficult to move it up, you have to go one at a time by flicking it up, which is obviously inconvenient.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum to lodge this complaint.
iOS App Bug: 5/30/2017 06:11:11

Level 58
Fizzer is currently busy with recreating the game in Unity and with this the App will change to the better as well. It is publically known that the isn't up to his standards and there is a Beta version online but this is for Android only since iOS needs to verify each update which usually takes about 1 week i believe so he isn't bothering about keeping iOS up to date but if you have Android as well you can join as a beta tester. If you are interested i can look up at which link you can join it.

So in short: just be patient and there will be an update to the app in quiet some time.
iOS App Bug: 5/30/2017 07:24:56

Level 62
In future, use https://www.warlight.net/ReportBug to report bugs.
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