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i'm confused...: 12/21/2011 19:15:50

Caio Veloso
Level 4
i'm doing my first map,i finished it yesterday,but i want to test it and i didn't understood this part of instruction:"You can create a test game by changing your map mode to Testing"

help me please :)
i'm confused...: 12/21/2011 19:25:25

Level 50
Did you just create three threads for the same question?
And for the question: did you or did you not already upload your map to the WL map creator!?!?
i'm confused...: 12/21/2011 19:33:42

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
A few recommendations...

1 - Post a question once. If it hasn't been answered don't just create another thread asking the very same question.

2 - Provide more information. Like a LOT of it. Vague questions can't be answered. There are many here willing to help but they don't want to have to drag the necessary information out of you first.

3 - Don't make a new forum for every little question you have but instead keep it in one thread as a flowing conversation. The same people helping you are more likely to check on it and it makes information easier to find for others.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3