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GWENT: 5/23/2017 21:10:56

Level 58
Is anyone excited for Gwent ?

It is a Collectible Card Game. This CCG is not a warfare simulator like many of the other CCG.
It is so unlike others because it is basically poker.

Types of CCG :

=> HS ( Health / Attack)
=> MTG ( Attack / Blocking / Fast Spell )
=> Hex Based ( Like Heroes of Might and Magic but with cards...)
=> Tower Defense ( Collectible Towers you buy in Packs...)
=> Amiibo CCG ( Amiibo figurines are gambling...)
=> Tyrant CCG ( Auto-play CCG with good balance...)
=> Dungeon CCG ( Dungeon with cards )
=> ChessEvolved CCG (Collectible Chess)

All of these are Warfare based.

In Gwent, you just try to get a perfect hand. You play your super combo over several turns but it can be responded.

You also need to win two out of three games to win at least. You can save some of your best cards to
transfer them to the next game.

Very simple (not much thinking). A whole lot of strategy with risk/reward.
Not warfare based (Cards killing each others). And a good poker game.
GWENT: 5/23/2017 21:21:06

Level 63
from the witcher 3?
GWENT: 5/23/2017 21:31:13

Level 58
Yes. Gwent is a multiplayer game based on Gwent in Witcher 3.
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