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First map testing: 5/17/2017 21:31:10

Level 60
I have just made my first map.
It would be nice if you want to give some response so I can make a good map.

Here is the link

If you want to test it, you can write to me and I will invite to a game.
First map testing: 5/18/2017 18:49:18

ZaZa The 🐧
Level 55
Looks like fun! Can i test it with you? I am also in middle of making my first map;)
First map testing: 5/27/2017 22:28:01

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
I would like to test too but I'm afraid I'm too late. Thus I'm going to review and write an anecdote instead.
First of all, Ludo is a fun game. I remember having had hours enjoying myself while I was playing against my older sister who kept losing to me. I was basically unbeatable in Ludo and row on row I won game after game. My indefinite victories topped to a moment when I fellt like the King of Ludo and I wore a stupid crown I got from Burger King in order to prove that. My sister after her tenth? (I lost the count during the process) thought she was humiliated so hard by me by constantly losing against a "king" of the skill that she had lost her temper and ragequitted the room without saying anything. I then didn't care and continued the game playing against myself instead as if nothing ever happened.

Anyway, back to your map. It is creative and a beautiful for your first map ever made. Same cannot be said about the names of the territories, although don't blame me. There's nothing much to change about that. blue1,blue2,blue3,blue4, ... are a thorn in the eye but then again... *shrug face* what's the alternative anyway?

Ok then. We have the colors. Normally the 4 main colors of Ludo are green,yellow, red and blue, but your map uses orange, blue, red and green ! fair enough it's your own personal choice but.. I never seen a game with alternative colors before. My eyes need to get used to this.

We also have a lot of weird things as well. Like the orange end zone that is colored with brown outlines and a spelling mistake in the text at the right corner of the map.

At last the added shadow in the title where your name is displayed is the thing I like the most
First map testing: 5/27/2017 23:03:10

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 38
Nice Parcheesi map m8
First map testing: 5/28/2017 22:35:18

Level 60
Thanks for the answer Belgian Gentleman and Von Jewburg
I will try to work with the colours. I picked a picture from google and that one had the four colours I use. Another seach and I see that the four colors you named are dominating. Can you show me the spelling misake. I can find it myself.
If you want to I can invite you to the second test of the map.

Edited 5/28/2017 22:40:41
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