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How To Pick Like A Top Ladder Player: 1/21/2014 02:48:54

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
Picking etiquette is that you go for one of three things 1.high income very fast 2. a counterpick 3.safety and very high income slowly.

1. is first turn bonuses, or double picking australia/greenland so you get 10 income on turn 2 or clusterpicking two smaller bonuses for an income of 11 or 12 on turn 2.

2. You guess where your opponent will pick and make a pick that dominates it, doesnt have to be the kind that is sprung in the first one or two turns, but theyre more foolproof. The rest of your picks will be uninteresting/inefficient safety picks. This is picking 3/4 across a juicy first turn bonus and then picking its counter 5th.

3. picking bonuses because theyre surrounded by wastelands or a bit rubbish compared with other shiny attractive bonuses or because you picked the other bonuses surrounding it, so they give each other safety from having been counterpicked. Often include greenland or australia.
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