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Tournament "waiting for join or decline": 12/19/2011 20:44:48

bcatfish {Warlighter}
Level 13
I am playing a double elimination tournament... My teammates have all joined, but only 1 player on the other team joined...

His 2 teammates were booted in the previous game (1 at the very beginning and the other after a few turns)

I have a feeling they will **NEVER** join/decline so we will be stuck here forever...

How do you boot them from the game lobby if you are **NOT** the host???
Tournament "waiting for join or decline": 12/19/2011 20:53:31

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
When they reach boot time, you should be able to force join them, meaning you make them join the game. Then you wait the boot time again, and then boot them as normal.
Tournament "waiting for join or decline": 12/20/2011 06:23:18

Level 44
Afaik, the host of the tourney has no additional privledges in each individual game then any other player does..
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