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Return of the League of Nations: 4/22/2017 13:19:56

Master HFG
Level 55
Many of you knew the old League of Nations clan. She was dead and now since the UN was reestablished (the LN was originally created after the UN was hijacked) the LN can become a new clan.

This process has already begun. I am currently recruiting members for the new LN. It shall be a place for players who want a decent mix of all gamemodes even when people with preferences are needed aswell.

Even when we are still small at the moment, we will have a lot of activity right from the beginning as we are a sister clan of the USSR and are going to be invited to her tournaments and clan games.

Our main goals are an actively used clan forum (the opposite of the old LN) and the developement of new game concepts. That's why we need experts on all types of games, people with preferences as I named them previously.

The clan forum should be used to discuss theories on new gamemodes, share idears or games and to have regular off-topic threads aswell. It also should be used to plan clan activities such as tournaments.
Our role models prove that an active clan forum is the key for a good communication and an active clan. That's why, even when we won't enforce it strictly in the beginning as we deseprately need members, using it will become a requirement sooner or later.

I encourage all active players looking for a clan or dissatisfied with their current ones to give us a chance. This could be your opportunity to help building a new community within WarLight.
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