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map template usage counter and map rating system: 4/19/2017 16:47:13

Level 52
Hello Warlighters,

Is there any counter to measure the number of times a map is used as a template for a game. It seems to me that only a handful of templates are being used for 95 % of games. It would be interesting to know this statistic. This will allow us to assess the present situation and develop strategies to bring forward other great templates that are being ignored.

I would also suggest that the map rating system be revised so that a map can be given a rating based on 1. artistry and aesthetics 2. playability and game enjoyment 3. suitability for FFA, teams, 1v1 etc.
map template usage counter and map rating system: 4/20/2017 12:49:12

Level 55
great ideas. unfortunately advancements for the map development section has been ignored for years already. priorities for new updates seem to be somewhere else.
map template usage counter and map rating system: 4/21/2017 20:48:59

҈ * TeeMee123҈ *
Level 54
Well, warlight does already have a ginormous collection of maps, and only a small minority of WL users make maps. I guess its more important in fizzer's mind to improve the game aspect for now.
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