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Rebranding CLAN: 4/19/2017 05:13:05

Level 58
I bought clan to give Fizzer 15$ mainly. But it has a purpose now and it is open to recruitment.


Goal of clan :

Play games outside WL with the community. The WL community is small and many people here know each other in some way or other.

The Clan makes it easier to find people to play online games or have quick matches with. There are already many Discord Channels but this will be more organized...

I will try to focus on the main games like Agar.IO , Chess.com , ChessEvolved and TagPro.


New description and

a 4k image of a QR code
Rebranding CLAN: 4/22/2017 06:32:38

Emperor Justinian
Level 49
I like this idea.
Rebranding CLAN: 4/22/2017 23:25:14

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
If I didn't already have a clan I was strongly committed to, I would join this. It sounds like an awesome idea! Maybe I will bring in my alt for this. Speaking of which, are they allowed in this clan?

Edited 4/22/2017 23:25:47
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