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Large Arctic map (polar projection): 4/17/2017 05:57:39

Level 36
I need potential testers and feedback/ideas.


Accurate subdivisions have been a major challenge but I have pieced together enough obscure maps for conventionally attractive borders.

I set out to make a sort of cousin to the other ocean maps, maybe with a more strat-friendly territory count - about 800 territories.

This is the first time I'll be working on an actual bonus system because my first and only map so far (North America Regions and Politics) is a diplomacy map that follows the one-territory-one-bonus scheme.

I'm definitely going to need help with bonus valuation from seasoned map makers.
Large Arctic map (polar projection): 4/17/2017 21:26:34

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
Looks great. I'd be willing to test and give any advice needed. Muligan and I are working together on a project similar to this right now, but it's a diplomacy version.
Large Arctic map (polar projection): 4/17/2017 21:37:24

Altruistic Person
Level 26
I'm also willing to test this map and give some advice, if you want.
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