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Microsoft is competing with Blender [Win10 story]: 4/15/2017 18:14:28

Level 58

What do you think about it ?


I like the original MS-Paint to draw doodles and stuff. It is simple so you can maybe learn the basics of drawing programs as :

what a canvas is ? Geometric forms to put in drawing (SHIFT for symetric). How make ellipses, Bézier curves... Write text... Or rotate image 90 degrees (yeah, very limited). Different image formats.

It is possible to do some semi-decent stuff on it.

MS-Paint is an okay basic program. Its numerous limitations are beneficial in this case if you have never used a drawing software before.
More powerful software have like a gazillion of options and checkboxes and menus that can feel very overwhelming.


My most favorite Windows program besides NOTEPAD is Windows Movie Maker.

I made a few videos with it. The program is very functional and it is free. You can make transitions like in MS Power Point (not free). There are librairies and files you can download to have extra sound effects or transitions.

Windows Movie Maker was discontinued and its new iteration sucks. The new incarnation of Movie Maker has very few options and is an downgrade to the original Movie Maker.


I feel the same about Minesweeper. Windows 10 upgrade removed Minesweeper because why not... Downloading original Minewsweeper is complicated so you are stuck with XBOX Minesweeper.

XBOX Minesweeper is too graphical and modern UI. It does not follow the spirit of the original game : simple UI, dull colors and minimalistic.


On a related note, I got a new computer recently with Windows 10 pre-installed. It has an integrated web cam because 70 % of the lap tops have web cams nowadays. :(

The newest computers all come with two programs :

1) FACE SCANNER to upload your face in a 3D file...

The things that you can do with are called "Face RIGGING". What happens basically is that your 3D avatar in a MMO will lipsync with your real self.
Lot of investment in that field so Microsoft will prob. get lots of cash money with this partnership.

(Some MMOs developpers explore NPL. They basically want to have chat bots inside their MMOs because reasons...)

2) 3D Printing.

This program manipulates 3D objects. You can use positive or negative geometry when merging to basic shapes together to build very complex objects...

The 3D market is in boom and many related-sites have spawned...

A big deal for Microsoft to have a part in the market.


It is a sure thing that Microsoft dozen of other things recently like its streaming software and etc


In my opinion, the 3D paint looks like it will support parallalax. I think that it could be maybe a sensible move for Microsoft to push into web animation with its MS 3D paint like flash or html5.
Microsoft is competing with Blender [Win10 story]: 4/15/2017 18:14:37

Level 58
Screenshots coming soon...

I am downloading the Creator Program Suite.
It is very large and slow to download.

I promise to do screenshots. :)

Edited 4/15/2017 19:21:16
Microsoft is competing with Blender [Win10 story]: 4/15/2017 19:11:12

Level 55
"Windows 10 upgrade removed Minesweeper because why not... Downloading original Minewsweeper is complicated so you are stuck with XBOX Minesweeper."

Or just play online? I feel confident in saying that there are 100s of Minesweeper programmes online, some in the original form of Windows XP Minesweeper.

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Microsoft is competing with Blender [Win10 story]: 4/15/2017 21:02:48

Level 55
I get the feeling you have few downloaded programmes on your computer.
Microsoft is competing with Blender [Win10 story]: 4/15/2017 21:56:47

Level 58
The program was downloaded and installed !

You can only do export files to 3D printer formats or save as 2D...
I can't figure how to set up camera view points to take photos from different angles...

On of the features, the "sticker thing" is basically texture mapping with maybe a bit of tessellation technology. You can add textures to spheres or cylinders.


The publicity by MS was a bit over-blown with misleading trailers...

I wonder if you can maybe *CHEAP* character modelling. Like you do cheap textures with MS paint. XD
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