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Your suggestions: 4/15/2017 04:36:09

Remove Kebab
Level 58
What clan should I join

I'll consider any clan

Invite me to your clan

Even if I don't join it I may in the future

Even a communist clan


Long Live Bashar al Assad
Long Live Vladimir Putin
Your suggestions: 4/15/2017 16:14:40

Level 55
Long live Mario
Long live Nintendo

invite to MARIO Clan has been sent.
Your suggestions: 4/15/2017 19:57:47

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Mario? Who joins your childish clan. The OMG is for real grown-ups like Zeph's sausage and
Lernaean Hydra. I've been trying to reach out to you, the innocent casual. But since the MOD is everywhere nowadays our voice was limited to only a few private convos in the corners. If it had been for a toy or doll we would point you the places where MOD has touched us. Our motto? if you are clever and wise you know MOD's not nice.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3