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Sorry TSK: 4/14/2017 06:34:56

Cabbage Merchant
Level 55
I have made this game: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=13295299 and invited you members of the TSK, who haven't blacklisted me. I want to apologize for disturbing a multiday game called "Reign of Dragons Season 1" which is heavily populated by your clan. Arguments arose between Lulu and myself, after Ethan revealed screenshots showing how I mischievously plotted to overthrow Lulu as King in PM. All of this happened before the game started and I was furious for two reasons. First, according to Ethan's rules screenshots are not allowed, and second, Lulu immediately demanded that I gift him everything and flee to Maidenpool in the Riverlands. The most appropriate response from me would have been, "No way, its war!" Instead I wrongly pursued arguing with Lulu and Ethan about the morality of employing screenshots and that kind of collaboration between clan mates. During the arguing I swore frequently at both of them which is unsportsmanlike and the biggest thing I want to apologize for. I also want to apologize specifically to Lulu for several times insulting his intelligence in public chat. I hope you all can forgive me and forget holding grudges against me. In order to sweeten this apology, I want to share something I recently discovered for myself and potentially contribute something to your clan's future templates. To do this, I made some changes to this template that I borrowed from one of you. In a world diplo game I recently discovered multi-attack which I think is absolutely amazing. If you don't know what it is or how to use it, which I am assuming most of you don't then you will love it. I think it would be a great addition to standard GoT games and for anyone who is concerned about RP, it makes perfect sense. When an army wins a decisive victory, in Westeros especially, they usually continue to fight until they encounter an army large enough to challenge them. Additionally with a continent the size of Westeros, cavalry could travel North to South in days and being that turns span months of time it is perfectly logical. Basically Multi-attack makes sense for the same reasons that airlift cards do. Because of the time that turns last and the slowness that it normally takes to move armies, there is little opportunity to roleplay battles taking place and other wartime events, but multi-attack changes that by making it possible to attack more quickly and take more territory in a single turn. Another positive effect of multi-attack is that it makes the actual fighting more interesting. Multi-attack allows you to target valuable territories like castles which are vital in scenarios with local deployment. Traditionally fighting simply involves players maneuvering armies with there first turns and attacking last to try to lure the enemy into attacking first to use the defender's kill rate advantage and then attack the remainder of the enemies armies. This however is very linear and quickly becomes boring, multi-attack makes fighting more dynamic because if the front-lines of either side are breached the enemy army can rush for their opponents capital or other valuable targets. Essentially with MA the possibilities, applications and nuances are endless and therefore, I think I have just discovered the greatest setting ever and MA would make a great addition to GoT games.

P.S. I also changed the frequency of the cards, removed reinfo cards and nerfed sanction cards to 5%, but made them more frequent so they more accurately represented economic sanctions or embargoes and don't cripple people's economies. Sorry, I know I rambled about MA a little bit, but I wrote this at 2 am b/c there is something wrong with me and I was way to excited about my new discovery.

Edited 4/14/2017 07:06:17
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