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The rationalist thread: 4/9/2017 02:20:27

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This thread is for rationalists.
The rationalist thread: 4/9/2017 02:22:01

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The rationalist thread: 4/9/2017 02:25:55

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After hours of debating with us three (Wally Balls, me, and (((Tabby Juggernaut)))) we chose not to invite Fizzer to this thread. Or Mercer. Sorry, but Fizzer has been conducting large-scale purges of monotheists for a while and this is a safe space.

So this is the version with my boy Fizzer and with a few irrational folk thrown out.

INTRODUCTIONS (skip this if you want to get straight to the "ribbiting")

#The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby... - he argues for heterodox opinions and genuinely worries for the WL community. he was the first to give us warning signs of MGSB being a SHEER BRAZEN psyco killer COALA-PUPPET.

Belarusian Gentleman - my little brother. He's an apostate BUT he did help me getting out of a few bans, so we'll spare him. Shoot upon him if he starts saying stuff like "What's the evidence for ALLAAH" and "does anyone want to try this new hot religion called Jainism?"?

Taran - a new convert to ISLAAM ! He has joined the crusade against Fizzer's disgusting new polytheist "ribbit" voting system.

Zephyrum - last time, I said that I only invited Stewie here since he asked to be there. He was greatly enlightened in the first RDT and so he's invited a friend to try and convert him to ISLAAM as well. This guy is from Brazil but when he grows up (uh he's said that he's done growing in 20 years though) he wants to go to U.S.-America. He's been training for U.S.-American citoyenship for a long time.

Fizzer Boy - well I invited Fizzer, bitches. No more boycott.

Belgian Gentleman - starter of the most successful big PM rational discussion threads in the past, I brought him for good luck and to discuss the possibility of the ISLAAMIFICATION of BELGIUM (hopefully it is irrelevant enough that noone will care, but we need an expert anyway).

Cata Cauda - 50% Tabby, 50% human, my 14 year-old self will give insightful comments. Like "Pass the morphin" or "*Hands loaded pistols to everyone* Let's have a shootout". Also don't say "America" when you mean "U.S.-America", it makes you look very stupid.

Fizzer I don't care - he's always a good guy to invite to tournaments and he's the best we could do without the real nig here. It's also worth noting that this username was unfinished, for sake of shortness and sense (under 50 marks). The full username was "Fizzer, I don't care about your pet salamander; let's talk about the historic and societal impacts of the Saur Revolution in Afghanestan."

Hostile - despite the name, he's actually a pretty sweet guy, but I'm not sure he speaks English. His posts are always very concise and clearly segmented into different ideas and notions, and he's part of the clan that has the least downvoted threads in WL, so you know he's gotta be good, and he's a bright computer guy.

knyte - wannabee Hostile but speaks English too well, and does not agree with Spenglerian traditionalism nor Italian monarchism (oooh that's a dealbreaker right there).

MGSB - wannabee knyte but speaks Hindi too well and believes that the universe was sneezed out of a mighty god and lives in fear of the day in which the Great Handkerchief apocalypse comes

MightySpeck - pretty chill guy. anyhow he named himself after one of the pieces of snot that came out of the god's nose, he thinks that there are parallel universes (LOL !! what a bozo)

Onny - Polish nationalist who denies the existence of Silesia and Ukraine and spends loads of his time making simulations of war against Poland's neighbors. I figured it was good to get some more extreme ideology.

Ox - (Salafi) Scottish nationalist who refuses to say BRITAIN, instead calling it SCOT
ISLE. Even more of an extreme ideology but from a different end. Is currently arranging for the illegal immigration of the Holy Man, FAISAL ADDUTI, into SCOT ISLE.

Pulsey - bright lad who got some bright things to say. He's also done some crazy stuff in the past. he once ate a whole frog raw, so I think that he actually might be more "ribbit" than even I am ! (irrational)

Riveath - used to be called "Death" but then he became a transexual. Currently the ADDUTI FOUNDATION has sent him some imams, as part of our push to ISLAAMIFY BELIGIUM.

Stewie - I don't actually know this guy at all, i'm kind of suspicious since he thinks me and Tabby are the same fellow (really! he does), if he's that dim-witted, he might begin asking weird things like "Жұқтыру, what do you think of the 'kikes' ?" and "Жұқтыру, you will become part of my country, called TURAN. It will be very funny !". Anyhow, I just invited him since he asked to become it. I wonder what he thinks of the "kikes". Just report this guy if he does anything stupid.

Semicedevine - a cool name. Now, the ADDUTI FOUNDATION/BROTHERHOOD are the bretheren, but Semicedevine is like Nauzhea in many ways. messed up childhood (raised by frogs - again, someone who might be even more "ribbit" than Fizzer !) who now's so messed up that he snorts alcohol. Yeah, the sneezes from that are going to spew out so much ugly stuff, I'm starting to see why MGSB believes in his Great Handkerchief belief, besides him being a mentally ill delusioned Marxist coala-puppet.

(((TABBY JUGGERNAUT))) - I'm not even going to say anything, really. This cat is so loved by the WL Community that I'm kind of afraid to admit that I'm proud to have (((Tabby Juggernaut))) on my WL Friends list. The reason why I'm afraid is that some folk of the WL Community might get jealous of our friendship, that I am taking up room for their own friendship. Uh, so this doesn't get outside of here, that I'm Tabby's friend.

TBest - don't bring up welfare, petrol, or fish to him, they're the three things that Norway was founded on and he gets really passionate about it (yet another extremist ideolog of another side!). When Overwatch came out, he legally changed his name from Theodor to Øivind as he realised Thorbjørn was beating him in how Norsk his names sounded. He's also one of the founders of imgur and will constantly promote it, so beware.

The Lord - IDK what he actually rules though. He acknowledges DONALD JOHN TRUMP's claim to the throne, so I guess he claims Canada. It won't be long before on Facebook he'll start posting something that he paid ancestry.com to say about how he's actually very closely related to the Trudeau family and after a few "tragedies" the House of Trudeau will put "The Lord" as king. I mean Canada is a kingdom so this could all happen.

Von Jewburg - He's really disgusting however he is a role model for (((TABBY))), being a Jew and all. Report this kid once he starts hate speech against Muslims though, he's really disgusting.

Wally Balls - self-made rapper insightful provoker into stuff of Donald John Trump like how his middle name means "toilet" in American English.

Feel free to voice your thoughts here about any serious sujet.
The rationalist thread: 4/9/2017 06:04:53

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
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tabby Mail threads and Forum Threads have to be made in different places.

Edited 4/9/2017 06:05:35
The rationalist thread: 4/9/2017 07:45:45

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If it's rational, you can't be in it, Taggy
The rationalist thread: 4/10/2017 08:35:07

Wally Balls 
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what's a rationalist? sounds like a name batshit crazy people call themselves to make them sound less batshit crazy.
The rationalist thread: 4/10/2017 16:34:54

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