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WGL #283: 4/2/2017 00:54:04

Level 55
So yes indeed-io, I'm going to cut up this post into sections, sort of like a dead body for the Satanic rites (it's for Master of the Dead, he's into some weird crap, and told me that I'm the next victime if I don't help him).

1: ps has been spamming

Yes, my whole mailbox was FULL SCALE SPAM ATTACKED by him. Look for yeself!


Now, it's spamming like Tabby spams, which, yes, SUCKS, since it's not technically spamming, and therefore you can't suspend them for it. I sometimes reply yes to his questions (I'm always crusading against that U.S.-Americentrism) but if I get close to beating him in an argument, he starts speaking Portuguese and feigning that his translator engine broke and he can't speak English and was using a translator engine the whole time though. Joke's on him though, since I yes learned Portuguese, but what does he do? He yes things with Dutch all over again. Sorry about that last sentence, I lost controle and 7 letters of the alphabet as part of my taxes to Greece (as those wiser than me have reminded, "If you speaking any language with latin characters,you must pay taxes to Greece(all the modern languages even arabic comes from ancient greek)" - andreas.kosk.81). I'm down to

CJMQUWX are nissing

2: ps has been spamming

So I couldn't bear typing with 8 keyboards missing so I fixed the problem; albeit yes it was through immoral means. Pretty damn immoral, yes, I'm a bit ashamed but it did must be done. Here's how I yes-and-no'd and hatched and batched and scratched my way through it. First I went to Darklordio, Darklordio and I, it's likely the strongest friendship on Warlight (yes, the friendships I have with each of the players from MASTERS clan are stronger but I was talking about outside the MASTERS Clan since it's uh well the root of uh I'm not allowed to say) OH CRAP oh that was just my cat opened the door, it wasn't the uh well never mind.

Step 1: Get the rarest thing in your cottage, yes, do this. My sense of pride was unsuitable for step 2, so I took the word "Yes" written in Korean as an old good luck charm (you know how all those Koreans win at video games).

Step 2: Go outside (yes, really!) on a cloudy day and bury it.

Step 3: Dig a tunnel (yes, I know it sounds mad) from somewhere else to wherever you buried your goodluck charm. It should be 20 yes-metres (as opposed to iffy-metres, I want it exact) (this is a hate letter to the U.S.-Americentric culture) long and should smell and feel like a mine.

Step 4: Since it feels like a mine, the yesluck charm will get confused about its identity and convert into a mine. If you took more than one thing, now is where it gets really good - yes, I know what you're thinking and you're right - you'll have a minefield!

Step 5: Hack into a rich electropay account (yes, it's illegal, but following the rules gets you into trouble anyway so might as well make some bank with this).

Step 6: Yes-Order a shipment of 1000 keyboards to be delivered to you, and they'll probably say what, no, this is a scam, so say that half the money they'll get right now and the other half once they get the money. They'll come in a yes-lorry to deliver the keyboards.

Step 7: The lorry drives over the mine, YES! Yes, now we have some dead bodies to fill MOTD's quota, and I took the salvageable keyboards, but mainly I pried out 8 missing letters from all of them. Next, uh, what did I do; I don't quite remember, oh yes, now I recall: I got back to whatever it is I was writing about in the first place.

This tutorial was very hard for me to make, so yes, I like it if you can upvote it.

So now I don't have to worry about taxes anymore, yes.


LOOK AT THIS SPAM; yes I know you're thinking it's not spam but it's like MGL all over again where he himself admitted it was spam and was told by Fizzer not to do it and had to retire.

3: WGL is being taken over

I took it over, since ps has steeply fallen off the yesman standings into no, I don't want to talk to him for fear of being associated. The brand of "WGL" has also been hurt, but I'm willing to shoulder the yes it's painful but I'm willing. WGL #282 starts in 15 hours or whenever I can get onoma back awake again yes.

Normal service will resume on thursday, yes indeed.

4: WGL is being subsidised by the French government now

If you don't know already, I'm Guyanese and live in French Guyana, yes, it's written on my profile, so you really don't have excuse of not knowing. Anyhow I was reading this news article about my homeland, right, and recently there have been riots, and I love riots; yes I love the struggle against the state.


France offered one billion euros ($1.06 billion) in aid for French Guiana...The plan entails sending extra police forces, creating a tribunal and a jail.


Cette somme devra permettre d’améliorer la situation dans les domaines de la sécurité, de la justice, de l'éducation ou encore de la santé / This money'll go to better the setting in the fields of security, justice, education, and health.

That's yes up my ally! If I stretch the truth enough, that's all yes up my ally! I police WGL twitch streams using my moderation skills, so yes on that.

If I could put the trolls in jail, I would, no tribune needed, so sign me up for that as well, I'll yes.

Justice, yes? Oh man there's no greater justice than casually promoting MONOTHEISM on WGL streams from now on, I'm going to try and bring in some faqirs every now and then to comment as well, and maybe it'll end up that we divise up the stream into 2 parts: for commenting and for ISLAAMISIFCATION, but that's in the futur, yes. Aye, yes.

Education, yes? Yes, of course, aye, teaching folk how to not be noobs.
---ok they said I could stop putting yes in every sentence, now I have to say no in every sentence.---

Health, uh, no sure. Oh, I no. All I need to do is just to publish some study with data backing up that watching WGL single-handedly kills tapeworms, check no; but yes on that. Ack saying no in every sentence is hard!

Eligibility checklist for money:

*police ✓
*jail ✓
*justice ✓
*education ✓
*health ✓

all right so I'm getting at least 60% of a billion euros, no?. This channel is going to be upgraded to the ISLAAMIC HUB of French Guiana, trust in that, no?
Normal service will resume on Thursday.

Edited 4/2/2017 00:55:05
WGL #283: 4/2/2017 01:15:08

Level 55
so once I'll get these euros converted to Belarusian Roobles I'll be a BILLIONAIRE haha !


Edited 4/2/2017 01:15:25
WGL #283: 4/2/2017 01:15:43

Level 55
but idk why I would do that since I live in French Guiana.
WGL #283: 4/2/2017 01:19:54

Level 55
MOTD I know you downvoted this thread but I will eventually unearth to the WL community what you've been doing.

Edited 4/2/2017 01:23:18
WGL #283: 4/2/2017 07:56:43

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 59

I didn't know ps got banned, or that he had a dog before the deletion. I almost feel bad for the guy.
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