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My thoughts and ideas on world culture: 3/13/2017 22:15:52

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During the late Roman period you had to be able to give your son a Jewish education to let him stay Jewish. Of course the economically more sucessful people remained Jews.

This is the same reason why Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims are ironically richer than Muslims due to Sharia. To be a non-Muslim under Sharia you have to pay the heavy Jizya tax. Hence throughout generations poor non-Muslims converted to Islam because they could not keep both their religion and their lives. Hence the remaining non-Muslims are the rich ones.

We can do this thought experiment. Let's gather all Mensa members together and form a new nation called Mensaland. Everyone with IQ lower than 150 is expelled from Mensaland. Only people with IQ at least 150 can emigrate to Mensaland. No Mensalander can marry a person with IQ below 150 or he/she will be expelled. After several generations Mensalander becomes an ethnicity. Of course it has extremely high IQ.

One problem with National Socialist Germany was that it was dogmatic and hid the truth.

They never had any legitimate argument to show the alleged Jewish inferiority. On the other hand, they ironically showed Ashkenazi supremacy. "Jewish conspiracy" is not a legitimate explanation of why so many doctors in Germany were Jewish. No Gentile group is better than Germans, not even Japan. However the success of Ashkenazis in Germany proved that they are even better than Germans both in IQ and in behaviors.

German Jews had the best of their Jewish heritage and the best of their host country, Germany as well. Hence they were the best among the best.

Allowing Jews to remain in Germany was probably the best thing for the Germans since assimilation largely only went from Jews to Germans which increased the German IQ and improved Germans as a group. I really don't know why they believe this is a problem. Some level of miscegnation with groups with desirable traits is a good thing for a group while absolute and dogmatic opposition to all forms of miscegnation is bad for a group.

If a group is at the bottom it should encourage miscegnation to improve itself. However if a group is at the top it should discourage miscegnation to prevent itself from deteriorating.

I believe the world should be controlled by a council with each member representing a major technologically advanced group: White Europeans and Jews, East Asians and Indians.

That's it. As long as we can coordinate the interests of these three groups humanity will not destroy itself due to some hateful freaks. A powerful freak in Rwanda is capable of massacring millions while a power freak among these groups can exterminate humanity. It is not true that Africa does not matter. It is just not as essential.
My thoughts and ideas on world culture: 3/14/2017 17:37:35

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upvoted, whitelisted, favourited.
My thoughts and ideas on world culture: 3/15/2017 05:26:07

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the only thing keeping me alive is attention on the internet, so ill just remind everyone that i made the downvoted, blacklisted, and reported meme
My thoughts and ideas on world culture: 3/16/2017 04:02:05

adrian waco
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here 1 problem

placing importance on iq

it only measure a small portion of inteligence

not all...
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