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The Universe is &!%#ing Weird.: 3/13/2017 14:02:27

Level 41
I've always been interested in chemistry, astrology and to an extent physics (never being willing to actually go into these lel, too complicated to do everyday but still) but recently find myself more and more curious not about the universe we can see from our telescopes and such but what's beyond that?

So far we've found (or think we've found) that the universe is made up of three main components; regular matter (what your computer, you and the Sun for example are made of), dark matter (no one knows what this is, but we know what it is not by which I mean it's not normal matter lol) and finally dark energy (which we know even less about but makes up the majority of mass in our universe(That we know of))

(The fun part of this graph is that we're still discovering new components in "normal matter" everyday, with elements being created from other ones constantly)

This is just the beginning of the thread though, do you have questions about the universe?
The Universe is &!%#ing Weird.: 3/13/2017 14:05:15

Level 41
PS, I plan to expand on this thread and write more but I don't have time atm.
The Universe is &!%#ing Weird.: 3/13/2017 17:34:07

Level 51
personally im interested in the idea of the dimensions
The Universe is &!%#ing Weird.: 3/13/2017 17:41:05

Level 51
Tabby, do felines think the Earth is spherical? Or are you a rational person?
The Universe is &!%#ing Weird.: 3/13/2017 18:33:55

Level 55
And you could talk about how this was found out, how this was thought up (and it could be fully wrong), but instead you stick to commonly known truths. A bit boring imt.

Upvoted this thread though, it's miles better than 90% other OT threads.

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The Universe is &!%#ing Weird.: 3/14/2017 16:27:26

Von Jewburg
Level 37
The Earth is flat and the Sun rotates around it.
The Universe is &!%#ing Weird.: 3/14/2017 16:33:20

Level 59
^Thats wrong by definition!

The Sun is destroyed every night, and a new Sun rises every morning.
The Universe is &!%#ing Weird.: 3/14/2017 18:10:44

Level 58
woah !

didn't know ifuckinglovescience came to WL !
The Universe is &!%#ing Weird.: 3/16/2017 02:18:29

adrian waco
Level 31
this is da true nature of the universe

The Matrix has been described as a huge,
non-material, highly structured, mentally accessible
"framework" of information containing all data pertaining
to everything in both the physical and non-physical
universe. In the same vein as Jung's Cosmic
Unconsciousness , the Matrix is open to and comprises all
conscious entities as well as information relating to
everything else living or nonliving by accepted human
definition . It is this informational framework from which
the data encoded on the signal line originates. This
Matrix can be envisioned as a vast, three dimensional
geometric arrangement of dots, each dot representing a
discrete information bit. Each geographic location on the
earth has a corresponding segment of the Matrix

corresponding exactly to the nature of the physical
location. When the viewer is prompted by the coordinate or
other targeting methodology, he accesses the signal line
for data derived from the Matrix. By successfully
acquiring (detecting) this information from the signal
line, then coherently decoding it through his conscious
awareness and faculties, he makes it available for
analysis and further exploitation by himself or others.
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