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Seasonal: And the winner is...........: 3/13/2017 07:06:46

Level 62

What an surprise.

Ohh, wait........something is different.
We got 0% WR.
And neutrals 3 instead of 2. Impressive
And who got the fantastic idea to change the worth of west china and west africa about 1 army(Thats pretty much and the game wont be the same after that)

How innovative and really extraordinary settings

IMHO seasonal shouldnt be a a variation of 1vs1 Ladder.
More unknown and interesting maps should be used for that. (But pls dont that crude ones like last Seasonal)

90% of the games r RoR. Nothing against this map, but new maps got not much chance to be played. WL ist going to be boring.
But when new maps r played on Seasonal they got that chance and WL is less boring.
Im out.
Seasonal: And the winner is...........: 3/13/2017 08:32:42

master of desaster 
Level 65
I bet this didn't get downvoted by the community... fizzer with his op voting skills? Not very cool.
Seasonal: And the winner is...........: 3/13/2017 15:29:03

Level 57
It's funny reading this because RoR and Strat MME (Well,MME) are my favorite maps xD

"90% of the games r RoR."

To make things worse 80% of those RoR game are autopicks or use other stupid casual settings, even more strategic and exciting...

I dislike most of the settings for seasonal so I won't be playing it, but I'm the type to just stay silent. Maybe your voices will be heard for next season though.

Edited 3/13/2017 15:30:49
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