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Uservoice: Warlight Generals: 3/12/2017 04:41:40

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Hello All! I would like to suggest a new feature for Warlight, called Warlight generals.

Here are the details (Copied from UserVoice):

Like commanders, Generals are a single unit representing non-decreasing armies. However, there are a few differences:

1. The General would be obtained by card piece. The player would then select the territory where the general would be placed. This would make a game interesting, as this can make or break a game.

2. The General would represent a customizable amount of armies. It could be 5, 7, or another amount of armies.

3. If the General is eliminated, the game would continue, so losing players would not play on in a losing position knowing they can win simply by killing it.

If you find this idea interesting, please vote at:



Uservoice: Warlight Generals: 3/12/2017 20:32:34

Level 61
I like it. Also, as Njord and others suggested, it would be cool to have the default commander value, 7, be a template variable.

Edited 3/12/2017 20:38:41
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