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as shaq said " idiout": 12/7/2011 18:49:57

[V.I.W] ilpeggiore
Level 60
How to win having real idiots on your side. ( Im an half idiot, who saw me pick germany knows)

7 vs 7 vs 7 - Europe - 1 territory each

4 of us chose iceland. Don't laugh.

In a 7 vs 7 is suicide. In 7 vs 7 vs 7 it means the others teams will destroy each other. IF the 2 back guys passa each other an army and then move to the front position, on turn 3 you can have this situation :

- the guy who started in norovestrum can take iceland
- the guy who started in suour will conquer ireland
- the other 2 guys protect iceland from scotland n norway


instead :

- the guy in noroaustrum started whining
- the guy in norovestrum didnt move, then insisted to have ireland, than argued with the guy above
- meanwhile the guy who started in sud-est glacier was autobooted

so on turn 3 :

ireland bonus was broken to let the idiot in norovestrum take it
the ai in norway put back to iceland all its troops, killing all the attackin units of the guy in noroastrum.

After this "the masterpiece":

the guy now in ireland put back some troops to iceland ( 40)
I asked him to pass these troops to the noroastrum guy, so he could conquer iceland ( an enemy, meanwhile had 2 armies in sudest glaciur)

The guy didnt pass, attacked the enemy without saying ( as the other guy), so the guy in noroastrum had his troops killed by friendly fire for the second time. After this he autobooted.

Then the noroastrum guy killed the ai ( so we lost a +5 armies per turn to take a +3 bonus).

It was our only teammates eliminated until Jura (and I and the crazeee's incredibly supercharged AI) won the game.

[sorry for my bad english]
as shaq said " idiout": 12/7/2011 19:00:21

Level 50
Maybe you can post a link of that game, I'm having trouble following you...
as shaq said " idiout": 12/7/2011 19:33:46

Level 37
I agree with Moros. It's easier to see it.
as shaq said " idiout": 12/8/2011 01:34:50

[V.I.W] ilpeggiore
Level 60
as shaq said " idiout": 12/9/2011 22:33:47

[V.I.W] ilpeggiore
Level 60
another noob, still suteki, another win from critical situation *_*


i m in love with that guy
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