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rules for a game, please dont delete.: 3/9/2017 05:46:54

Level 43
no add, i need this for my game please.
1: you have to have cbs to declare war*
2: CB's that everyone get are Reconquest, Border Friction, justified war; Reconquest states that you are attacking to recounqer a territory, Border Friction allows you to attack someone who controls land in the same bonus, Justified war allows you to attack someone who didn't use a cb to declare war or a player who played a sanction on you.
3: a player who controls paris, Berlin, Warsaw, rome, monaco, St Petersburg, hamburg, bremen, lubeck, stockholm, wein, brussles, oslo, kiel, copenhagen, koszalin and rostok can use the rival empire CB which allows you to declare war on someone who has control of one of those cities
4: a player can become king of france if they control paris or monaco and are larger then the other player, they are able to declare war on anyone in france except for the person who controls the other city.
5: a player can become tsar of russia if the control st petersburg, stockholm, copenhagen or oslo and is larger then the other players with those cities has the northern domain cb which allows them to invade anyone in the baltics or scandanavia except anyone who has control over those cities.
6: anywhere outside of this starts as the HRE
7: a player can become emporor of the HRE if they control berlin, warsaw, rome, Rostov, bremen, lubeck, hamburg, wein, brussels, amsterdam, kiel and kozalin and is larger then the player who controls the other cities.
8: the emporor of the HRE can declare war on anyone in the HRE except the player who controls the other citiesusing the holy domain cb, he must also defend anyone being attacked in the HRE by a non HRE member.
9: any nation in the HRE gets the Imperial Defense CB which allows them to attack any nation that is trying to leave or has left the HRE they also have the independence CB which allows them to declare war on the emporor and his coalition.
10: France, Russia and the HRE are nations.
11: if the leader of a nation (emporor, king, tsar)declares on the leader of another nation everyone in those two nations must fight the factions in the other nation instead of fighting each other.
12: at the end of a war each nation decides the new borders of the nations changing what factions are under control of a leader.
13: any group and any size of group of factions can declare independence from a nation and make a new nation with a set of possible capitols with similar structures to other nations.
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