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following rules (changing rules): 3/9/2017 00:09:34

Level 52
What is your opinion on a game creator changing rules from rules listed?

I was in a game, and the creator came up with a rule since it was a large map, that we do not attack each other until round 15. Also, a player used a sanctions card that was available to him, and the other person complained. The game creator sided with that person, saying that it was just like being attacked. I hold that if they didn't want cards to be used, don't create a game with cards. If you don't want people to attack, then play a diplomatic game.

one thing that occurred is a player was booted, became an AI, and of course the AI doesn't know those rules of not attacking and no playing of cards, so it freely attacked and played cards.

Edited 3/9/2017 00:10:31
following rules (changing rules): 3/9/2017 00:35:35

Level 61
I recommend linking the game so people can understand what you're saying.
following rules (changing rules): 3/9/2017 00:49:28

Level 60
Rules can only be enforced by incentives

Follow your heart's content; you can do anything you want as long as you see benefits that outweigh potential punishments
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