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New Colores!!!: 12/7/2011 00:21:58

Level 12
Don't you think cool if they came up with new colors that you could use! Like black or different shades of colors. Maybe white or Gold would be cool! I don't know if it would be to difficult and im not complaining about the current ones I just think that its a unique thing to warlight so why not make it even better!
New Colores!!!: 12/7/2011 00:43:27

Level 44
the problem with more colors is the uniqueness and difficulty between telling different players apart.. there has already been suggestions concerning maybe striped colors and others that should be obtainable via UV.
also many people already complain because some of WL's colors are not colorblind friendly
New Colores!!!: 12/7/2011 14:05:31

Level 5
Hmmmm when a territory is not owned by anyone its white so no white :D
New Colores!!!: 12/7/2011 14:33:44

Level 58
Colours should be customizable on the client side, like RGB-sliders for each player in a game.
New Colores!!!: 12/7/2011 14:37:47

Level 50
Can anyone post the uservoice striped color link? I love that idea!
New Colores!!!: 12/7/2011 14:39:41

Level 6
As mentioned, it has been discussed, but implementation would be hard. I already have trouble with the varieties of orange and pink that are available. More would make it worse. I like the idea of background patterns to the colors, but these would only work on a large territory and would be invisible on most maps.

Perrin3088: dibs on InfraRed.
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