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How to Create Critically-Acclaimed Forum Threads: 1/13/2014 01:11:21

Level 58

Do you ever see the Warlight intelligentsia marvel over my ingenious threads and think to yourself: "How does he do it?"

"How can I create a thread that will see me credited as the saving grace of the Warlight forum by such luminaries as





Well now you can, with x's Idiotproof 3-Step Guide to Creating Critically-Acclaimed Forum Threads! It's easy when you know how!

Step 1: Think of a thing

This is the most difficult to step, and the hardest part of the course. Thinking of a thing will require all your brainpower and it may take several days before you come up with a correct thing.

Here are some of the things I have used in the past:



Cheat Codes


Now it's your turn! Try to think of a thing.

x's TOP TIP If you can't think of a thing, then don't worry, your forum dreams aren't over yet! Just go to wikipedia and click on "random article". This will automatically generate a thing for you. Here's what I got on my first three tries: Cavan and Leitrim Railway, Paliem, Vexillum lubens. These subject matters would all make for acceptable warlight threads - just use your imagination!

Step 2: Relate it to Warlight
By now you should have thought of a thing. (If you still don't have a thing in mind, return to Step 1: Think of a thing.)

The next part is easy: take your thing and try to connect it to Warlight somehow. If you've done Step 1 properly, this part should be easy. If not, you might find it hard to combine your thing with warlight.

x's TOP TIP Step 2 is a good point at which to come up with your thread title. A nice formula to use is "Warlight [Thing]", eg "Warlight Pick-Up Artists", "Warlight Ray Bradbury Theatre", "Warlight Cavin and Leitrem Railway".

Step 3: Post it up!
Now you've got your concept, it's time to write the damn thing. This should take no more than about 8-10 minutes, plus an extra 30 seconds per image. I double-check everything but this isn't necesary. Just click preview and glance through it to make sure you haven't accidentally embedded any hardcore pornography.

x's TOP TIP Although hardcore porn is likely to get your thread deleted, tasteful Victorian erotica can lend a touch of class to your thread.

And there you have it! By now you have created a legendary x-like thread, and you are the toast of the forum. (Note to self: thread concept - Warlight Toast.)

Yes, it really is that easy! Now marvel as your thread sinks unnoticed down the list. There's nothing else to it.

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How to Create Critically-Acclaimed Forum Threads: 1/13/2014 03:25:06

{DARK} That Guy
Level 56

This is what the post will be like.

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How to Create Critically-Acclaimed Forum Threads: 1/13/2014 03:40:19

Level 63
He crashed. Twice. On the same beach.
How to Create Critically-Acclaimed Forum Threads: 1/13/2014 12:23:29

Level 58
It worked for me and it can work for you too.
How to Create Critically-Acclaimed Forum Threads: 1/13/2014 15:52:00

Level 60
crashing like a boss
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