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Massive heads up.: 12/6/2011 00:11:19

Bonch The Great
Level 25

Just saw this game in the Lobby, it's named as a 1 v 1 auto, yet there were two called auto games so clicked it's settings.
This guy is making 1v1 games tricking people into playing them when South America is worth 40 instead of 4.

I wanna play him on it an pwn him, unfortunately some poor soul has instead. I'm gunna go wait in the lobby for him to do it again... should be fun :)

I'll BL him after.
Just to let you guys know, he could trick someone.
Massive heads up.: 12/6/2011 00:19:09

Level 10
Better hope you get first pick, a counterpick in E Africa might not be enough...
Massive heads up.: 12/6/2011 00:22:25

Level 2
Thanks for the warning! Arowhun does this, yet he's only won 25/139 of his ranked games.
Massive heads up.: 12/6/2011 01:11:05

Level 3
I did something similar to that [one time](http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?GameID=1154742), only I made it a practice game and I surrendered the game anyway.

I thought I was being pretty clever. I made Alaska, Hawaii, and Japan worth 20 armies and Korea worth 1000 but on the map it appeared that Korea was be worth only 10 because the box will only show two digits. That could just be my monitor but I doubt it. If you hover the mouse pointer over the box it'll tell you how much it's worth anyway.

My hope was that some clever player would have noticed my treachery and then have made an attempt to counter it, but I was gambling that they wouldn't have noticed that Korea was worth more than just ten.

Unfortunately, nobody noticed until they saw my huge stacks.

I still think it was amusing and I would have thought it was funny had it happened to me, but that's just the sense of humor I have.

I know you're not always expecting douche-baggery but I always do a quick scan of the Settings menu of the games and tournies before I join them. One of the things I look at is the overridden bonuses in the bottom right corner of the Settings menu.

Anyway, I wanted to share a story I thought was mildly amusing and make everyone aware of the Overridden bonuses area of the Settings menu.

***Check the settings before you join a game.***
Massive heads up.: 12/6/2011 03:39:49

Level 54
I like the template name, 'fake auto lol'
Massive heads up.: 12/6/2011 03:42:54

Seatide Landon
Level 2
Wow, the dude put 4 initial picks instead of 3
Massive heads up.: 12/6/2011 15:42:33

Level 37
For fun I made one like that, but made it be called "1 v 1 multi-day (Manual Game)" and made the description say that one bonus gives you 750 armies, yet the person who joined was surprised to see that he had 755 armies to place.
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