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An idea: 12/5/2011 17:47:10

Lugian Warlord
Level 40
Id had an idea for an option for this site- the idea is a map editor on this site which doesn't require SVG because for people (like me) who dont want to go through the trouble of downloading the SVG programs, it would be very useful
An idea: 12/5/2011 18:06:20

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
That is no small feat of coding and integration to save slackers some time and hassle.

I am far from a programmer, but I would imagine such a change would take a considerable amount of time an energy to implement and would also require considerable integration efforts to ensure existing maps aren't altered or made unplayable.

Quite simply, there are many more pressing issues facing the game and requiring Fizzer's attention than this fix. Of course, I am only one voice... if you truly think it's worth his attention, put it up on User Voice.


However, note that two such proposals have already been declined due to lacking clear definition so make sure you explain your desire clearly.
An idea: 12/5/2011 19:05:19

Level 46
There are very good reasons for basing maps on SVGs, so an online editor would still be SVG-based and therefore require you to do the same type and amount of work.

So, that leaves us with essentially "I want the SVG editor integrated into the site". Problems:

- Incredible amount of work.
- Many things are much easier when they're running locally, than web-based. Why do you think online office suites (such as Google Docs) are a very recent invention?
- When you download an SVG editor, you have multiple to choose from (you don't have to use InkScape; sure, it's recommended, but if you don't like it, you're free to use something else). If an editor would be integrated into the site, you'd have to use that one; it would take away your choice to use another one.

The only benefit I see is that it would safe you a few minutes of work. Somehow, I don't think that's worth it (of course, I'm not Fizzer, but let me add a second voice to Richard's).

Even if it was only a few minutes work to add an SVG editor (which it most definitely isn't; I'd estimate a few months, full-time at least) and disregarding the other issues, I still wouldn't do it. In my opinion (and my apologies if this sounds rude), Warlight doesn't gain anything from having a huge amount of quickly-thrown-together maps; if you can't take the few minutes to install an SVG editor, would you take the time to make a map which is fun to play, well-balanced, maybe even look nice..., *and* still be willing to fix problems with it a few months later?

If SVG editors required an incredibly powerful computer to run or were insanely complex to install and a hell to even get running, then I could see your point. Put last I checked, it only takes a few minutes to install, so I don't understand why you think it's too much effort...!?
An idea: 12/5/2011 19:16:35

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
To further RvW's point, the only real effort involved in using Inkscape (or I would imagine any SVG editor) is in learning the tool and getting proficient at it. This would not change with an integrated version... it would still be complex software and require time and patience to learn it.

The only advantage I see would be being able to create/edit a map from any computer.
An idea: 12/6/2011 08:56:41

Level 3
Although I agree with RvW that the hurdles to map creation are a useful self-selection mechanism, it actually wouldn't be that difficult to integrate an SVG editor. There are open source projects like [SVG-edit](http://code.google.com/p/svg-edit/) that are easily embedded in a webpage with a few lines of code. [Here's an example.](http://www.codedread.com/blog/archives/2009/06/19/embed-an-svg-editor-on-your-web-page/) Full-scale integration would take a bit more work, but certainly not months of full-time work unless Fizzer built his own SVG editor from scratch, which would be kinda silly. (Although I still agree that it's unneccessary.)
An idea: 12/6/2011 18:58:39

Matma Rex 
Level 12
Personally I certainly wouldn't want some lame online SVG editor, when I can use (and customize) my own. It's also a matter of computer speed to me - my PC barely runs Inkscape on larger images, trying to do what it does in Flash would likely make it completely unusable for me.

It also appears that the SVG-edit tool you linked doesn't allow to perform operations like path intersection, which are IMO essential for vector graphics editing. (But also pretty tough to code.)
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