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Instant Territory ID: 1/12/2014 06:02:35

Jar of Pickles
Level 24
Simply, is there any way to change Territory ID instead of" Right Click>Obj. Prop.>Change the name>Set"]? I mean, it's consuming time, i tried notepad, the finder can't found the "path_". If changing manually takes 5 seconds, thats mean, changing 500 would take 2500 second (approximately 40 minutes) of typing similar word over, over, and over.

PS: If you're telling me to use notepad or other Extensible Markup Language (XML) editor, tell me how
Instant Territory ID: 1/12/2014 08:23:02

Level 50
Instant Territory ID: 1/13/2014 16:16:10

Jar of Pickles
Level 24
How do i use it? and if i opened it directly,without Inkscape it keeps telling me error, is that normal?

Edited 1/13/2014 16:19:39
Instant Territory ID: 1/13/2014 19:57:12

Level 50
Sorry for not giving proper instructions. The second link seems to be defect, so you should use the first link. Unzip the file, and follow the instructions in the readme. It won't work by iself.
Instant Territory ID: 1/13/2014 21:43:05

Level 60
If I am drawing the map by hand (tracing, otherwise), I just name large mass with proper name, then it gives it ID's as you split it up.
Instant Territory ID: 1/14/2014 01:23:14

Jar of Pickles
Level 24
Actually, I'm using the 1st link, i'm going to read the readme later
Instant Territory ID: 1/14/2014 04:26:42

Level 51
Adityo, if you draw your territories, bonuses, and art on separate layers in Inkscape, then press Shift+Control+X, you can then edit all of the names in one place. It still takes a massive number of clicks, but at least it's easier to see your own progress and if you've missed any.

Directions after opening XML editor and expanding the correct layer:

1. Click the object on the left, for example: <svg:path id="path1234">
2. Click to edit on the right side: path1234
3. Edit as desired on the bottom: Territory_1234
4. Click SET on the bottom right
5. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Note that if you assign an object a name that you've already used, you won't get a warning here, it will simply re-assign a name to the ORIGINAL object, so be careful.

P.S. If anybody knows shortcuts instead of clicking, I sure would love to hear them.

Edited 1/14/2014 04:32:19
Instant Territory ID: 1/14/2014 05:12:43

Jar of Pickles
Level 24
@Causation, that is a bit faster, if it takes 3 s/path, then, i would need only 1500 s (25 m)

@Moros, Here is the readme:

Hi there!

This is inkscape extension to automatically name all the territories in your map.


  • Copy all the files to your "Inkscape\share\extensions" directory. They'll fit nice among other .py's and .inx's.
    The exe file is actual extension (C#, code available on request) - make sure it's in that dir.

  • Restart inkscape.


  • Select all the territories that aren't named yet. You don't have to select them all.
  • Open Extensions menu, you'll see the Warlight submenu - click Warlight Rename.
  • Make sure you know which numbers aren't assigned yet ie. 200-300.
  • Fill "begin from" with number which will be the first after prefix - ie. for Territory_200 enter 200.
  • Press apply.

You can change prefix if you need to use it for other purposes. Perhaps bonus prefixing?

That's all. Extension is free for use, but I give no guarentees for it's proper working.
I've tested it under Win7/x64, inkscape portable 0.48.2 r9819


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