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Multi-accounting in tournament?: 12/4/2011 16:32:43

Widzisz • apex 
Level 60
Ok, first of all: I don't really want to accuse everybody. I might be wrong with all I write here, but I would like to share what I found, and listen what you guys think about it. If anybody feel offended: I'm terribly sorry for that, it wasn't my intention, I just want this game to be fair.

I think that this: http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?TournamentID=1617 tournament either was very well advertised for new players, or there's serious multi-accounting. Just check some accounts: many of them were created in the same day as that tournament (**it takes only 1 DAY to fulfil!!!**), and have no other games played (even in sigle player mode). I don't feel like checking everyone, I will list the accounts with that properties starting with letter "a": aadmi, aauakat, aaurat, abdus, abhishek, akhil, arpit rana.

What do you guys think about it?
Multi-accounting in tournament?: 12/4/2011 19:45:55

Level 59
This thread did advertise it... - http://warlight.net/Forum/Thread.aspx?ThreadID=2401
Then again, it was advertised at the same time as sue's tournament. - http://warlight.net/Forum/Thread.aspx?ThreadID=2410

New people don't usually look at the forums, so most new players would have to come from the dashboard or from the "Open Tournaments" link, which isn't used very often, either.

My opinion? Some of these are multiple accounts, but the person who's doing that isn't confident in their skills. I don't think the person who's doing it will win, so it shouldn't matter too much.


No offense to the person/people who made multiple accounts and/or the new accounts who do read the forums/use the dashboard/use the "Open Tournaments" link.
Multi-accounting in tournament?: 12/4/2011 20:31:41

Level 4
+1 to bakarin , first of all i don't think that its multi-accounting and if it is, someone do cheating because he knows that he does not have enough skills ,...
and "winning" tournament "without" skills is "Not" possible .

And the main matter is " it shouldn't matter too much " ;)
Multi-accounting in tournament?: 12/4/2011 20:52:15

Level 58

Warzone Creator
It's been taken care of. Thanks for reporting it.
Multi-accounting in tournament?: 12/4/2011 20:54:06

Widzisz • apex 
Level 60
Thanks for the replies.

Personally, I don't think that newbies look at forum that much.

I know once Fizzer advertised one tournament for membership on the kongregate, not sure if anybody did the same with this one, that could be possible explanation for me.

What convince me to think that those might be multi-accounts is the fact that they haven't joined *any* other games, and were created in the *same day* as the tournament, which took only *1 day* to fulfil , too much for a coincidence for me.

And I disagree, I don't think it doesn't matter, he prevented other players to get their chance. Are you saying that if you have bad skills you are allowed to have more tries?

And who said that he have mediocre skills? One of such accounts - code just beat 4th opponent and in his second game he beat zibik21.

Also note that I list only few of them, there are **many** other there.

PS: Isn't multi-accounting forbidden?
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Discussion is locked - replying not allowed