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My map is so small: 2/19/2017 13:36:18

Level 1
I did a map with 882 territories and it had 900 kb aprox. I simplyfied all the lines in this map, but, at the moment of upload the map in warlight, it was very small (generally, the number of the total soldiers were very much bigger than the country), impossible to play.
I used some curve lines and other straight lines

Someone can do to me a solution that does not have to make the map all agin with straight lines only?

I can't reply (locked)

Ok, ok, that's not problem of the simplify tool, i don't understand what happening because i did a map with 3 islands (the first was make only with straight lines, without simplify ; the second was make only with curve lines, simplifyed; and the third was make with the 2 previous). My maps were still small (all my map have a 1000 x 1000 px of size)
Please help, that happened three times and i don't know how to solve
I would like to send a photo, but i'm not premium

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My map is so small: 2/19/2017 15:16:47

Level 62
Do you mean that each territory is too small? The map's file size is only an issue if the map's file size it too large.
My map is so small: 2/20/2017 00:17:12

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
generally, the number of the total soldiers were very much bigger than the country

Sounds like to me that your file size is too small for that number of territories. What I recommend: go to your map's SVG and create a 20x20 circle. This circle is roughly how big a double digit army number will be. Then (without resizing the circle; make sure the circle stays 20x20), resize your map. Experiment until the circle can fit snugly even inside the smallest territory. (Don't forget to resize the document too; your whole map should fit inside the borders of the canvas in Inkscape.)

Hope this helped.

PS: Make sure all measurements are in pixels to avoid confusion.

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My map is so small: 2/22/2017 19:52:34

Level 39
In the first map I ever made (which was just a few days ago!) I had that kind of problem, so I pressed Ctrl+A and resized all objects with the F1 tool, but it sort of failed, because with the territories getting bigger, so did the border line length and re-sizing them to 1px created gaps between all territories.

So yeah...
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