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Map unlock level?: 2/18/2017 13:52:10

Master Poof 
Level 43
What is the highest map unlock level? Can one set a map to unlock at 200? Just interested, I have a grandfathered account anyway.
Map unlock level?: 2/18/2017 16:45:54

Level 59
I believe so, but it really is pointless because nobody will be able to access it.
However, developers can access their maps regardless of what level they are.

Edit: Oh, that's why there is a Maps Strategy Pack.

Edited 2/18/2017 16:46:32
Map unlock level?: 2/18/2017 16:56:20

Level 55
are there maps that Fizzer can't play on?
Map unlock level?: 2/18/2017 17:38:48

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
The highest map level can be "last unlockable feature level"+2. Let's say you unlock last thing on level 54, so the highest map level is 56 and so on.

Edited 2/18/2017 19:03:43
Map unlock level?: 2/18/2017 23:13:11

Level 60
highest level you can set a map to is level 56

i know this because i tried to set a map to level 69 once but it got rejected

Map unlock level?: 2/19/2017 17:46:14

Master Poof 
Level 43
That's kinda sad though. No grandfathered only maps.
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