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Serbian National Day Shitpost: 2/16/2017 02:17:04

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 38
>implying Serbs aren't Mongols
>Bosniaks 100* better than shit Serb
>Free Kosovo
>Croats are Germans
>Tito was a Croat
>Tesla was a Croat
>Serbs are cannon fodder
>Austria-Hungary kicked your ass
>Albanians are white
>Gypsies are more European than Serb
Serbian National Day Shitpost: 2/16/2017 05:25:15

Level 55
All of you have to agree Tabby Juggernaut is definetely wrong. He is sick, crank and mentally ill.
Serbian National Day Shitpost: 2/17/2017 02:10:40

Remove Kebab
Level 58
Austria-Hungary got beat up by Serbia in world war 1?
Not the other way around.

Long live Serbia. 🇷🇸
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