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Spectator Mode?: 12/3/2011 08:02:54

Level 2
Is there a spectator mode? If not, i think it would be cool to add that to this game. I've games where i joined just a little too late and wanted to watch that game, but I couldn't because fog covered the whole map.

Also, just wanted to thank the Game Creators for this awesome game! Even the AI are awesome. In almost every other risk computer game i've played, the AI prioritize the Player over everything else and that's when it doesn't get fun anymore.

Again, thanks!
Spectator Mode?: 12/3/2011 08:22:36

Level 16
That setting would be liable to cheating. People in the game would use a dummy account to see where all his opponents are.
Spectator Mode?: 12/3/2011 12:56:06

Level 54
Spectator Mode?: 12/3/2011 17:38:02

Level 46
There's a quite extensive analysis of problems that need to be solved before this can be done in [this thread](http://warlight.net/Forum/Thread.aspx?ThreadID=2146). Summary: probably not going to happen.
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