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What are Bosses like?: 2/11/2017 20:00:30

Level 29
So I've done SOME things to find out what bosses are like.

    *Boss one is seen in "world war 2320"
    *boss 2 has 20 health, the other bosses have 400
    *boss 3 cannot be seen through fog, boss 1 and 2 can.
    *boss 1's armies work like a reinforcement card; but it seems to be a progressive card.
    *boss 2 appears to work like a commander.
    *boss 2 causes glitches

This is really primitive scavenging, but it should make a start.

Edited 2/11/2017 20:06:23
What are Bosses like?: 2/11/2017 22:06:04

Level 58
Boss 2 actually increases in strengh at specific turns if i'm correct

Boss 3 works like a commander as well and if you defeat it he creates clones of himself (4 in total if i remember correctly) and when you defeat those clones they created another layer of clones (3 in total if i'm correct (the 3 and 4 splits can be other way around)). The original boss has 100 armies of worth the 1st tier clones are worth 90 armies and the 2nd tier clones are 80 armies.

What do you mean by Boss 2 causes glitches? If it's really glitching you should send a bug report to Fizzer
What are Bosses like?: 2/16/2017 19:11:57

Level 29
I don't remember exactly, but it REALLY messes up my turn-taking windows (such as the attacking army number window).
What are Bosses like?: 3/2/2017 10:07:29

Matthew James Ferrantino
Level 11
I'm on Boss #1.

Basically, Boss #1 seems to be the hardest level in the game, *technically*, because it kills everyone who isn't committed to getting really, really good at the game. I mean if the other bosses are more dangerous, the player is supposed to be pretty dangerous themselves, too.

So, Boss #1, all the advice I see on them is "it's a crap shoot. restart if they attack you too soon."

how soon is too soon? what are the advised expansions? I've tried Pennsylvania-> Great Lakes, I've tried New England-> Canada, and I've tried Newfoundland -> Europe by Greenland. Getting pretty murdered every time. Help?
What are Bosses like?: 3/4/2017 21:29:00

Level 59
Boss one is challenging, not hard though. It's all about containment.
What are Bosses like?: 3/5/2017 01:46:44

Level 60
fun fact: auto-pilot with WL prod 2.0 is actually perfectly capable of beating World War 2320 level all on its own lol
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