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Film Review #1: 2/5/2017 02:33:46

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Just for fun I will be making a few threads , summarising thoughts on films that I have viewed recently.

Film: Still The Water

Genre: Drama/Romance   Year of release : 2014  Certificate : 15

Following a typhoon that sweeps over the Japanese island of Amami-Oshima, 16-year-old Kaito (Nijiro Murakami) spots the corpse of a man with a tattooed back bobbing on the waves. Kaito has trouble coming to terms with the discovery... but is reassured by his friend Kyoko (Jun Yoshinaga), a girl living with her surfer-dad while her mother Isa (Miyuki Matsuda) is fighting a terminal illness in hospital. A dream-like and affecting drama

Initially the sleeve art drew me to the film , otherwise it is likely that I would have missed seeing it. The film starts with one of the main characters (Kaito) finding the body of the man on the shore and develops into a story about the relationship between Kaito , Kyoko and their parents.

The film lasts an optimal length (around 120 mins) , long enough to develop characters enough and for events to unfurl but not long enough to drag on. The acting was solid , nothing outstanding but worked with the characters well enough. Being a subbed foreign language film (good subbing btw only once did it translate akwardly) it is harder to gauge how the lines were delivered.

"A dream-like and affecting drama"

I would partially agree that the film has a dream like state. I think this is greatly aided by the tranquil [conundrums] scenery of the island and the continued use of scenes around the water. The dream state gets shattered when one of the main characters visits Tokyo. The sudden scene change from peaceful , Aeastetic to Busy , Ugly is shocking and jerked me considerably. It's hard to describe but the sudden plethora of concrete compared to clear skies was distrubing.

"Affecting Drama"

Hmm this is harder to quantify as it will affect different people differently. It covered a fair few things but idk how to list them well so I'll just talk about something unrelated. The last scene of them swimming away underwater was a good conclusion. It invoked visceral feelings about the whole movie. Overall it was maybe 7/10 I good watch for a certain mood but not something everyone would enjoy.

Film Review #1: 2/5/2017 02:59:33

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thread hijack: video game review #1

Wolfenstein 3D

some folk like Nintendo and think it as the birth of good video games. But they're wrong, id software is what the true folk played. Commander Keen ok that sucked but now Wolfenstein 3D was pretty good. Actually it's pretty bad, it's aged pretty badly. It was definitely amazing for the times but nowadays it sucks. You get 3 guns, a pistol, an AR, and a chaingun. and while the chaingun plays that cool "boop-de-de-boop" sound effet the first thing about it that's the only good thing about it. They all shoot the same kind of ammo, too. there is no diversity in this game, unlike Doom, which had 4 ammo types and 8 kinds of guns (9 in Doom 2).

the level design is mazelike. You get no automap like Doom has, either, it's just loads of wandering about. The secrets are not intuitive. The level design is just bad.

however you do kill Adolf Hitler in the end which is pretty cool but that's not historically true, as Hitler killed himself, and Hitler never had a last resort mech suit stolen from Titanfall like he had ingame. Also I'm not sure but I don't think the nazis ever left crosses all over the floor like they do in Castle Wolfenstein.

the music in this game though, I loved the Ultimate Challenge (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jVUqzoSlpc). The opening track is another great one, and I'm agreed on this by Paugers, too. I actually didn't know this beforehand but the opening track is the nazi anthem...

paugers i want to join your volk ill even suck your dick and your "girlfriend"'s too if you let me oh wait

i killed adolf hitler that likely disqualifies me doesn't it...crap

overall better off playing the 2 secret levels in Doom rather than playing the original Wolfenstein 3D.

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Film Review #1: 2/5/2017 03:05:10

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yay a not completely retarded thread on off-topic! thank you Rikku!

movie seems pretty interesting, haven't seen it yet.
Film Review #1: 2/5/2017 07:30:27

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
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O.O ps doesn't use Muli's userscript to ignore Off Topic altogether i'm surprised.
Film Review #1: 2/5/2017 14:23:04

master of desaster 
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Wow yeah an actual off topic thread that is worth to be read.
Film Review #1: 2/5/2017 14:28:32

Leibstandarte (Vengeance)
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^ It's rare seeing elitists here.
Film Review #1: 2/5/2017 14:57:21

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ok, I admit it, my video game review was pretty good. Maybe I'll go on with it on the next film revue.
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