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Luck- and Killratesystem: 12/1/2011 02:36:53

Level 50
why works the Lucksystem dependent from Killratesystem? If we set the Killrate on 100 % in offensiv and defensiv then we have 0 % differences in all battles also we set the Luckchance on 100 %. With 60 % Killrate we have a chance of around 42 % to kill more or less then 60 %. Further examples:
Killrate 100 % = 0 % Luckdifferences
Killrate 90 % = 10 % Luckdifferences
Killrate 80 % = 20 % Luckdifferences
Killrate 70 % = 30 % Luckdifferences
and so on.

In addition i wonder me why this game has this Killratesystem. At this way is the player with more units even more favored. Means that less enthralling games, because of less balance. By the way the game will be pretty camping dominant with many Airlifts. This Killratesystem is just the same broken System like in the O-Games, where new players are feed for the olders and just few players control the whole world.

Would be the Lucksystem independent from the Killratesystem operate, then we could change it suit ourself.

I hope my english is understandable.
Luck- and Killratesystem: 12/1/2011 03:04:15

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Not sure I completely understand, but the luck and killrate are two different, independent figures.

If you want to change the luck rate you need to pay for membership.
Luck- and Killratesystem: 12/1/2011 03:43:36

Level 46

It sounds like you don't really understand the meaning of these settings. Have a look at the WL wiki pages for [combat](http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Combat_Basics) and [luck](http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Luck_Modifier), they explain how things work.

Very, very short version:
60% offence luck means each attacking army has 60% chance of killing a defender.
70% defence luck means each defending army has 70% chance of killing an attacker.
Of course the game favours the player with most armies; it wouldn't make sense to favour fewer armies...!? But, to have a sure, easy victory, you need a **large** number of armies.

0% luck -> just calculate (10 attackers, 60% offence luck = 6 defenders killed, always)
100% luck -> simulate dice throws (10 attackers, 60% offence luck = between 0 and 10 defenders killed, with an [expected value](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expected_value) of 6)
Other luck modifiers are simply a linear interpolation of these.
Luck- and Killratesystem: 12/1/2011 05:03:50

Level 50
I made a mistake. You just disable the Lucksystem if you set the killrates on 100 %. Thats what confiused me. But i still think there is no reason to have an advantage if you control more units then your opponent. Maybe you got a advantage like this in real life battles but we cant comparing that. That's why i will set the rates on 99 % instead of 60 % and 70 %.

Thx for attention an replys.
Luck- and Killratesystem: 12/1/2011 05:55:57

Level 50
I think a good example why the advantage is not sensful is as followed: Fancy that! A footballteam in soccer makes a door. And then the opponents team has to decrease his team size from 11 to 10.
Luck- and Killratesystem: 12/1/2011 12:26:35

Level 54
stop using google translate
Luck- and Killratesystem: 12/1/2011 12:28:16

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Forgive me if I am wrong as I don't follow soccer, but isn't the team with 11 at a major advantage over the team with 10? Just as a hockey team on the power play gets an extra player and is far more likely to score because of it?

I just see no possible justification to take the advantage away from the stronger team. Thats how battles are typically won... by having more soldiers than your opponent.
Luck- and Killratesystem: 12/1/2011 13:41:12

Level 58
*Thats how battles are typically won... by having more soldiers than your opponent.*

Luck- and Killratesystem: 12/1/2011 13:49:07

Level 44
my 6million troops shouldn't beat your 4 troops.. because that makes sense...

It makes perfect sense to have an advantage if you have more troops.. just like it makes sense to have an advantage on defense..
having a straight 99% killrates provides a *greater* advantage to the player with more units

and the reason why 100% Kill rate will remove luck from game..

6 armies attack, deal 6*1.0=6 armies

or you roll 6 percential dice.. each one has a 100% chance to win.. thus 100% chance to get 6
Luck- and Killratesystem: 12/1/2011 14:06:52

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
In addition to it making sense logically for more armies to do better, it serves an important game purpose.

If every army killed exactly the same number of enemies, regardless of offense or defense, then strategy doesn't matter at all. You could send your army of 5 into an army of 100, and never have to worry about choke points, dodging an army to get an advantage, etc. It just becomes a matter of who produces more, which favors the larger players MUCH more than the current system. The current system can allow a smart smaller player to still make a difference, by getting into fights that are advantageous to him or her.

There is a lot of strategy built up around putting together an impressive army that can gain an advantage over small armies. If everyone just put their entire production into their opponents every turn (no reason not to anymore), then it becomes a battle of attrition that the larger will almost always win.
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