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RoR FFA no PM fraud / cheater: 1/31/2017 21:56:59

Level 52

trytuyiu was the host.

at turn 15 trytuyiu typed in public chat: "ah shit. i thought we were the only 2"
and surrendered.
seb_bmw responded: lollll thx

so after i found out they are teaming while advertising "no PM" i played the clock and was finally able to boot seb_bmw.

Edited 1/31/2017 22:10:11
RoR FFA no PM fraud / cheater: 2/1/2017 03:46:11

Level 57
I think you've made an error there Banksy.

It appears to me that they were attacking each other from their first encounter, and the reason why trytuyui regretted surrendering was not because he wanted to hand seb_BMW the win, but that he realised that he was still in with a shout given that seb_BMW was fighting on two fronts.
RoR FFA no PM fraud / cheater: 2/1/2017 03:49:19

Level 27
fraud / cheater
That word is thrown around so much that I think barely anybody knows what it means in terms of warlight
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