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Best player: 1/30/2017 08:34:27

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
Its been confirmed several hundred times that I'm the best player on Warlight. Try to name a better player than me. I'll wait
Best player: 1/30/2017 08:54:33

Level 20
Best player: 1/30/2017 10:38:02

Level 66
Awaiting JSA for his in-depth analyze ;)
Best player: 1/30/2017 17:17:51

Level 61
Its been confirmed several hundred times that I'm the best player on Warlight

lvl me
Best player: 1/31/2017 06:53:39

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
Still waiting for someone to name a better player than me.

lvl me

I didnt become the best by playing against CORP n00bs. You become better by playing against good players, not bad.
Best player: 1/31/2017 07:47:33

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 59
Semice. and ME i'll invite you to a 1v1.


link so you can watch

Edited 1/31/2017 07:49:09
Best player: 1/31/2017 12:52:35

Remove Kebab
Level 58
Remove Kebab
Best player: 1/31/2017 13:13:41

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
Remove Kebab

Thats the closest guess yet.
Best player: 1/31/2017 18:54:13

Level 56
(remove) #2A [WarLight Member]
(remove) #GR# Makedon
(remove) #The Prussian Job-Oh yeah, baby...
(remove) #TrumpTrain (idle for 30 days 1 hour)
(remove) Ákos Kollár
(remove) ♦ Drizzy Drake ♦
(remove) >--CULPEPer
(remove) <NEPHILIM>
(remove) <SNinja> kerozin
(remove) <SNinja> Leinad (idle for 59 days 2 hours)
(remove) <SNinja>kerozin
(remove) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(remove) Óglaigh na hÉireann
(remove) Ω Cat Juggernaut [WarLight Member]
(remove) ορφέας ντέμις
(remove) "Z" (idle for 219 days 1 hour)
(remove) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(remove) (( Legio X Equestris )) - Ion
(remove) (( Legio X Equestris )) - Spdont
(remove) (((Tabby Juggernaut))) (idle for 21 days)
(remove) ((BM)) Rory The Warmonger😤
(remove) (ITA)Minu2 (idle for 172 days 19 hours)
(remove) (Open Seat)
(remove) (Team USA) The One and Only King Gen.Grant
(remove) (Teishi) mōshiwakearimasen min'na (idle for 13 days 22 hours)
(remove) (U.S.S.R) Thebeanman99
(remove) (ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! [WarLight Member]
(remove) +Skapis9999+ (idle for 31 days 6 hours)
(remove) -C-Bray (idle for 177 days 16 hours)
(remove) -Double Negative-
(remove) -FLORIDA-
(remove) -ToK-
(remove) .:.King-Thranduill.:.
(remove) /RAM/
(remove) 00001 (idle for 93 days 1 hour)
(remove) 07ajones (idle for 254 days 23 hours)
(remove) 0ct0pus27 (idle for 67 days 3 hours)
(remove) 0XShadowsX0 (idle for 249 days 7 hours)
(remove) 123Chaos
(remove) 12456789765421312 (idle for 161 days 8 hours)
(remove) 12th
(remove) 17achitturi (idle for 3 days)
(remove) 222krp
(remove) 22braden (idle for 109 days 1 hour)
(remove) 245s
(remove) 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375 (idle for 22 days 20 hours)
(remove) 3030tony (idle for 100 days 16 hours)
(remove) 3amon (idle for 221 days 2 hours)
(remove) 3Disruptor (idle for 6 days 1 hour)
(remove) 3p
(remove) 4eightDL (idle for 234 days 22 hours)
(remove) 6 (idle for 702 days 4 hours)
(remove) 65001
(remove) 777 (idle for 31 days)
(remove) 7hielke (idle for 211 days 7 hours)
(remove) 9pigsinspace [WarLight Member]
(remove) =^.^=
(remove) ???
(remove) @RealDonaldTrump (idle for 123 days 19 hours)
(remove) [ BTF] consequence777 (idle for 160 days 19 hours)
(remove) [*ARG*] ^^ Firox (idle for 183 days 21 hours)
(remove) [-MSF-]SnakeJacobsen
(remove) [Ag⁴⁷] Wolffe (idle for 354 days 6 hours)
(remove) [AOE] JaiBharat909 (idle for 274 days 22 hours)
(remove) [AOE] NotJackO (idle for 50 days 4 hours)
(remove) [AOE] Priest (idle for 37 days 19 hours)
(remove) [AOE]Akeion
(remove) [AOE]Orthrus Echo Five
(remove) [Bajtan] DukeHirsch
(remove) [Bajtan] peninho
(remove) [BEAST]KingBEAST
(remove) [BM]Emperor Cezar VI (idle for 30 days)
(remove) [Comrade_Ored.] NationInvasion
(remove) [East]Totally Not Zane
(remove) [ESP] Pablo García (idle for 6 days 23 hours)
(remove) [Falcon] Baum-G (idle for 5 days 13 hours)
(remove) [Falcon] HolyIncubus (idle for 21 days 23 hours)
(remove) [illuminati]Lukas171 (idle for 36 days 8 hours)
(remove) [L.N.] Jeffwillbe5time(NASCAR) (idle for 27 days 11 hours)
(remove) [L.N.] The Dolphin
(remove) [Lenin] Vlad the lad
(remove) [LN] General Iyarkonan
(remove) [LOEL]lynxdingo (idle for 17 days 7 hours)
(remove) [NI] Lord eKell
(remove) [NL] Twan
(remove) [NL] Aart Jan (idle for 202 days 23 hours)
(remove) [NL] Andre Smul (idle for 132 days 6 hours)
(remove) [NL] Auke Kaptijn
(remove) [NL] boas (idle for 47 days 7 hours)
(remove) [NL] Daan (idle for 161 days 4 hours)
(remove) [NL] DobbieDice (idle for 10 days 4 hours)
(remove) [NL] drahin (idle for 126 days 1 hour)
(remove) [NL] Gladde Vis (idle for 64 days 18 hours)
(remove) [NL] Goldtank1999 [WarLight Member]
(remove) [NL] Haga (idle for 70 days 22 hours)
(remove) [NL] Hendrik
(remove) [NL] Joshau
(remove) [NL] JvL
(remove) [NL] Lady Galadriel
(remove) [NL] Lord Jayko Targaryen
(remove) [NL] Lucas
(remove) [NL] Master B
(remove) [NL] Prince Zuko
(remove) [NL] Robb Stark
(remove) [NL] Sander
(remove) [NL] Shan
(remove) [NL] SorryIwin (idle for 162 days 6 hours)
(remove) [NL] Stan Smolders (idle for 67 days 3 hours)
(remove) [NL] surfpizza
(remove) [NL] The Evil Eye Corporation (idle for 47 days 6 hours)
(remove) [NL] Tjerk
(remove) [NL]Fysicci
(remove) [NL]Philippe
(remove) [NL]SeaLord (idle for 245 days 4 hours)
(remove) [NL]Simchaja (idle for 21 days 6 hours)
(remove) [PHD]transh
(remove) [PL] Vince Flynn (idle for 35 days 14 hours)
(remove) [RE] Dirk the Beserk
(remove) [RE] Lord Kira
(remove) [RE] nolookpass432
(remove) [RE] Sherman's Crawl [WarLight Member]
(remove) [RE]Phoenix Emperor (idle for 3 days 22 hours)
(remove) [REGL] mda673 (idle for 6 days 1 hour)
(remove) [Riz02] (idle for 37 days 14 hours)
(remove) [ROME] ㅇㅈㅇ (idle for 124 days 5 hours)
(remove) [Soviet Union]the red army [WarLight Member]
(remove) [TFR] JaceEtch (idle for 184 days)
(remove) [TNW] Commander Vimes (idle for 80 days 14 hours)
(remove) [TWI] limalia_786 (idle for 11 days 1 hour)
(remove) [TWI] Xiiryn
(remove) [VL] Toon (idle for 31 days 7 hours)
(remove) [WL] American Strong (idle for 7 days 5 hours)
(remove) [WL] Colonel Harthacanute
(remove) [WL] RealMCB
(remove) [WLR] Redonblue (idle for 110 days 4 hours)
(remove) [WOLF] Alex (idle for 108 days 22 hours)
(remove) [WOLF] AMERICAN EMPIRE (idle for 2 days 18 hours)
(remove) [WOLF] Beatrice
(remove) [WOLF] Coolbeans (idle for 106 days 8 hours)
(remove) [Wolf] Eon Kid (idle for 96 days 17 hours)
(remove) [WOLF] Executor (idle for 61 days 8 hours)
(remove) [WOLF] Gandhi (idle for 34 days 3 hours)
(remove) [WOLF] Jet1226
(remove) [Wolf] Karkat (idle for 69 days 16 hours)
(remove) [WOLF] King of Legend
(remove) [WOLF] SouthPenguin Jay
(remove) [WOLF] SwellowSean (idle for 6 days 19 hours)
(remove) [WOLF] The Caliph Riad
(remove) [WOLF] The Conservative
(remove) [Wolf] The Praetorian (idle for 7 days 5 hours)
(remove) [WOLF] Warmonger
(remove) [WOLF]-Aleksander The Great (idle for 26 days 19 hours)
(remove) [WOLF]AssfaceMcgee (idle for 15 days 1 hour)
(remove) [WOLF]coldhockeyboy (idle for 120 days)
(remove) [WOLF]CopperTitanium
(remove) [WOLF]Emperor Angel
(remove) [wolf]japan77 (idle for 18 days 11 hours)
(remove) [WOLF]Mortar man (idle for 2 days 13 hours)
(remove) [WOLF]PolarXenomorph (idle for 222 days 4 hours)
(remove) [WOLF]Polish_Nazi (idle for 80 days 23 hours)
(remove) [WOLF]QueenElizabeth
(remove) [WOLF]Ryan Kerkhoff
(remove) [WOLF]Traits_of_War (idle for 90 days 21 hours)
(remove) ^==^
(remove) ^KWLVAND^ (idle for 54 days)
(remove) _Nicforth_ (idle for 10 days)
(remove) _YouGottaBeLeaf
(remove) A Crazy Guy
(remove) A Little Bit Of Britain
(remove) A Serious Actor
(remove) a sfdvsaetvrdsgf (idle for 240 days 8 hours)
(remove) A$AP Slothfulness
(remove) A-p-L-r-B-e-A-d-N-a-I-t-A-o-N-r
(remove) A10D10
(remove) A1tre
(remove) A_Karstark
(remove) A_Monster_of_Au (idle for 51 days 20 hours)
(remove) a_name
(remove) aaa (idle for 32 days 2 hours)
(remove) Aaro360 [Remove Kebab]
(remove) aaron (idle for 131 days 5 hours)
(remove) Aaron Lloyd Emerson (idle for 26 days 19 hours)
(remove) Aaron Morris (idle for 253 days 3 hours)
(remove) aaronmasterson (idle for 124 days 21 hours)
(remove) abandon
(remove) Abraxis (idle for 16 days 3 hours)
(remove) Ac1d (idle for 8 days 23 hours)
(remove) AC932 (idle for 5 days)
(remove) Acanzio
(remove) Acatah
(remove) Ace
(remove) Acerunning (idle for 19 days 11 hours)
(remove) Acheron
(remove) achillies (idle for 10 days 5 hours)
(remove) Acid
(remove) ACMFatih1899
(remove) acroteknon
(remove) Acımaz
(remove) Adam (idle for 136 days 2 hours)
(remove) Adam Copeland
(remove) Adam Harris
(remove) Adam Rolek (idle for 75 days 14 hours)
(remove) AdamMc66
(remove) AdamShore (idle for 74 days 7 hours)
(remove) adamski (idle for 58 days 22 hours)
(remove) adamski123 (idle for 205 days 19 hours)
(remove) Addison (idle for 22 days 3 hours)
(remove) ADeadMilkman (idle for 54 days 5 hours)
(remove) Ademar (idle for 113 days 3 hours)
(remove) adenhur (idle for 151 days 3 hours)
(remove) Adgra
(remove) Admiral Jarjarclause
(remove) admiraldalenchmob
(remove) AdmiralMick
(remove) Ado (idle for 54 days 17 hours)
(remove) Adolf (idle for 818 days 19 hours)
(remove) Adolf
(remove) Adolf Hitler (idle for 30 days 15 hours)
(remove) Adolf Hitler (idle for 333 days 15 hours)
(remove) Adolf Hitler (idle for 50 days 2 hours)
(remove) adolf hitler II (or gabriel IV) (idle for 935 days 20 hours)
(remove) Adolf Kitler (idle for 15 days 10 hours)
(remove) Adolfo (idle for 40 days 18 hours)
(remove) Adrl (idle for 253 days)
(remove) ads
(remove) Aegon (idle for 50 days 1 hour)
(remove) Aegon Targaryen
(remove) aelquenis (idle for 169 days 14 hours)
(remove) Aeon
(remove) Aero_Zeppelin89 (idle for 101 days 22 hours)
(remove) aerobar (idle for 93 days 19 hours)
(remove) Aevil (idle for 102 days 8 hours)
(remove) Afonso Martins (idle for 24 days 4 hours)
(remove) AFRAK
(remove) AG
(remove) AG (idle for 165 days 9 hours)
(remove) agamemnon
(remove) agarionoob (idle for 2 days 15 hours)
(remove) AgentOfChaos
(remove) AgustusVF
(remove) ahagoenistu (idle for 237 days 19 hours)
(remove) Ahmet (idle for 11 days 1 hour)
(remove) Ahzek Ahriman
(remove) AI (idle for 206 days 8 hours)
(remove) Aidan the Overlord (idle for 193 days 8 hours)

Edited 2/1/2017 07:32:29
Best player: 2/1/2017 00:35:23

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
Whats that, weak nigga?
Best player: 2/1/2017 00:36:19

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
You have some FCC and FEL members in that list, which automatically makes your post invalid
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