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Continue Arthur's story: 1/22/2017 21:25:42

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
If dated back to archives, there was one famous thread in the old days called "The ex-wife into Semice" but it got deleted by the oppossition, so uhm.. it doesn't exist anymore just as Semice's whole heterosexual existance. Though I'm walking as a Zombie attempting to retrieve it back through the google browser cache, I found one other remarkable, interesting and oldschool thread. The idea of that one 'special' moronic thread was as following: be stupid as you're creative. So yeah we can come to the conclusion that is a very subliminal message.

https://www.warlight.net/Forum/37198-add-paragraph- for the reference. It is recommended to click on the link. If that doesn't work out and you still don't understand what is told you we can always refer you to the help service ( https://www.warlight.net/Discussion/SendMail?PlayerID=326862 ) be careful on using your female pronouns.

So in order to bring you the thrilling experience of the commentation, I shall first bring you a quick (if not time wasting) explanation. story created on the 6th of march by Moron. In this add to the paragraph sequel you'll have to do exactly the same as it was told you before. It's simple. One writes a paragraph and you'll have to continue the story by adding another paragraph to it, that is in line with the previous paragraph. You can add whatever you want to the story just as long it doesn't conflict with the rules. In the end these paragraphs will make a story together.

Of course certain rules apply (so the sory will not be ruined) the rules are:

- Arthur (the protagonist) can't die
- no aliens
- no felinism and caninism
- don't make it Warlight related
- Write no less than 3 but no more than 15 lines of text.

there are absolutely no rules on how ridiculous this story can be

First paragraph.

Arthur was born a skilled charmant knight. A knight without limits. In contrast with his mythical counterpart, he had always been a dick to round tables so that once he had his wedding cancelled because of the dowry, a table which he was presented.
He yearned. And looked over the fields over the kingdom. With deep eyes, he saw his lands revolutionising under the technology of spacecraft and robotics. A desire wishfully came to his mind. It's like an angle wanted him to go on quest to find the holy soupchick that was buried on an other planet. He decided to better prepare himself first before taking on the dangerous task. After months of training, Arthur was getting better at swinging swords. Once upon a time his grandfather got in the way, and his dick got cut off. Suddenly the entire town was under the spell of his arts. So much that they all began reading the Percy Jackson trilogy and the "Playgirl" magazines where Arthur would be shown on all of its covers.
Continue Arthur's story: 1/24/2017 04:40:36

Empire of Kilos
Level 33
The desire to find that Soupchick led Arthur to madness, until finally he couldn't take it anymore, he bought a space ship with his playgirl money and set off into space.

Upon arriving on the first planet where he believed the Soupchick was buried, he discovered that it was undergoing a great War between the Nation's of Cucktalious and Aniweebtia, and upon landing was set upon by Cucktalian Soldiers who mistook him for the Great Aniweebtian Warrior Willy Zipper. Using his skill's as a knight he easily dealt with the poorly trained Cucktalian's. Impressed by his skills as a Soldier, Cucktalious's King, Justin Treeroot offered Arthur a deal. He would assist Arthur in his quest for the Soupchick, and in exchange Arthur would join the fight against Aniweebtia...
Continue Arthur's story: 1/24/2017 04:56:57

Level 53
Justin Treeroot offered a gift to Arthur as a sign of friendship and cooperation. It was a bottle of maple syrup, gathered from the planet's tallest maple tree. King Treeroot said that the syrup would be useful when the time was right
Continue Arthur's story: 1/24/2017 14:57:32

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 38
Arthur continued on his way, finding himself at a government black site. This had to be the place.
Arthur decided to cut through the fence with his mighty sword, but as soon as the blade touched the wire, Arthur was shocked. Screaming, he withdrew from the electrical fence, and began to formulate a new way to go over the electric fence. He hatched a plan. He saw one fence post had a control panel, obviously for maintainence of the fence. If he could disable it, he'd be able to sneak in. Arthur took a water bottle full of shit littered nearby, and calculated the velocity and force needed to flip it over the fence and disable the control panel. He only had one shot, but Arthur was sure of himself. At dusk, he hurled the water bottle, watching it flip over and over in the air, until it was broken the metal tip of the fence post. He had failed, but he noticed two guards approach the fence. He hid behind a tree as one of them made a joke about a "real shitpost". Arthur climbed up the tree, jumped over the fence, and drew his sword at the terrified guards.
"Where is Soupchick?!" he demanded.
Continue Arthur's story: 1/24/2017 15:26:47

gilead k'nights
Level 41
"The soupchick?"

"Aye, the soupchick. Where is it?"

"Before I tell you I have some questions. First, is this your shitpost?"

"Nope, not mine."

"Very well then, here's my next question.

What gets longer when pulled,
fits between breasts,
slides neatly into a hole,
has choked people when used improperly,
and works best when jerked?"

"Uh, a soupchick?"

"No, a seatbelt."


"Since you answered wrong you must close your eyes, take your pants off, turn around, and walk backwards."

"En Garde!"

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