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This might be a thing.: 1/20/2017 07:51:50

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 59
so apparently when a thread gets locked you also can't downvote or upvote a thread, so if a thread is hidden when it gets locked it is locked forever. so i was thinking there might be a moment when all 50 threads might be hidden (which means 50 crap threads in a row)

anyway the closest i found was 49 (but since a thread gets pushed back a page everytime a new thread it will change all the time.)

This might be a thing.: 1/21/2017 04:27:27

Level 55
I think when it would get to 50 hidden threads, they just take the nearest unhidden thread.
This might be a thing.: 1/21/2017 07:06:35

Level 56
I really regret having to agree with Jubberwoof
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