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Map making with Unity: 1/16/2017 08:06:33

Level 59
From a players perspective what does possible shift to unity in 2017 bring to map making and hold to the older maps already made, published and used in everyday games? Can Fizzer answer or someone with more knowledge of Unity understands how will .svg maps operate with Unity?

Will the old maps be transferred without problems?
- If not, is there a workaround or what must be done with old maps so they could be imported there?
How new map making is changed?

I think this is vital information, so old owners would know what to do and seems a lot of players till make maps without knowing whether they even can be imported to plausible new platform of Warlight?

Thank you!
Map making with Unity: 1/16/2017 08:15:18

Level 60

Warzone Creator
All maps are usable in the new client, and the map making process will remain mostly identical.
Map making with Unity: 1/16/2017 20:10:10

Level 57
could you add a small fix-on ofr map devs? While in map editor - it would be much easier if one was allowed to change particular bonus properties by just clicking on it's bonuslink.... finding each bonus on a list can be tough job, especially on big maps where there are dozens of bonuses....
also, you have once mentioned that server space is cheap (in contrary to CPU ussage) - could you please extend a bit the number of words avaiable for map decription? Right now it is about 500 words which is just not enough to describe all distribution modes or present additional templtes (in fact ther could be additional subpage or sth for templates submited by map author which are crafted especially for his map)

here is the example of description my own map in which I really have no more space to submit more details (like description of distribution modes, scenarios or additional templates):

I suppose that your answer would be "... uservoice..." but please take in mkind there are few active map makers so there is a little chance we woeul earn voicec of normal players who usually have no idea about map making...
Map making with Unity: 1/23/2017 21:40:28

Ginger King
Level 52
Another feature that could be really helpful, is to automatically grab the bonus links and create the bonuses off of them. Then the map maker would only need to edit the value and color and which territories are included in said bonus. This keeps us from having to name the same bonus twice and worry about spaces and special characters
Posts 1 - 4 of 4