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9 reasons why pokemon moon is better than sun: 1/13/2017 14:28:46

Level 60

This guy is my biggest inspiration of all time.

Yes, I discovered him only a few months ago.

I will translate the video's cancer here for those not daring enough to venture into the dark abysmal depths of beer overdose.

*clears throat*

*briefly chokes*


alright clearly if ya choose sun ur a fking idiot

raeson numbr 1 night and day

who wants 2 walk around during the daytime like some fking homeless person while you can prowl around in night just like in real life and clit tickle strangers

reason numbr 2 the xxclusives

sure the new evolved pig screws? is amazing butt hav u evn seen pheromosa shes got fermons in the name she knows a no always means yes with this one

looks like lady gaga had a love child with poket piyen ill snap that btch in half i sure cant wait for rule 34 on this one and i know you know you can't either

and sick of the legendaries what are some get aw real fking original ah literally hundreds of lion pokemons already while moons legendary alduteran just imagine hugging that thing and fking it while it glades through the air fking delicious ill tell u what

raeson number 2 actually Backpacker Ashley when u meet her for the first time on the low islands backpacker ashley clearly giving you the thumps up to back in her bag you know wht i maen right when she loses she gets in another suggestive position this ones really desparate this one is and then when you meet her on the second island shes in the process of organizing an orgy you know ka kinda get it no thats it

and finally reason number 1 the first trial

if you play sun you get stuck with fking yangoose aw original again fkers did you maybe steal that name from SOEMTHING ELSE? this fking evolution this fking tilted that sht stood him up

and this was slow bro they put enough effort into this sht put a little cunt on his tail you know give him something

check out moon here you get a nostalgic back to ur childhoods cool n dark n sht

and this is evolution and this looks like fking this redly

reason number 8 hey look they stole the pickup line they use on treater trickers

reason number 3 Mallow the green haired grass waah trial... er....

this girl is by far my new favorite character just listen to the kind of sht she says

"...Its so rich and creamy when you use it in white sauce and other things... Mhm! The taste can't even be described! .........................................I'll do you a little favor. See, Stoutland can sniff out items for you that are buried in the dirt where you can't even see them!"

this ofc talking about the dildo zhat she shoved so far up her ass

"When you're riding stouland, press the btch button the use... (???) if you go all the way........ you'll come on...... My friend Lana (???)"

"....Ooh, a Tiny Mushroom! well that is great for practicing anal with beginners there's a secret why mushrooms are so popular with some people. You have to try one to find out what it is."

nas dis wht nintendo 2 encourage kids 2 try drugs rite yaaaay shrooms! try dem 2 find out kids

"Grab the Thick Club with a rare boner and pound me into a pulp"

and then you lower your head down to her sweet sweet ingredientsses and you start pounding away

"Crush it!"

"Grind it!"

ahhh yes ahhh

"Turn it to goo!"

and shoot the goo all over my creavieses

Nintendo then explains to the kids what room smells like after sex

reason number 4 my favorite place in the whole place

ahhh if only this redly had an ass like that

reason number 5 whenever a pokemon calls for help but dont get any

(you don't have any friends no (reasons??) you)

reason number dis guy is tryng 2 whore out his own children annnn im goinngnn canned drank too much during the recording of this video so short of forgot what it was supposed to be about to begin with

*takes drink*

promise in the game sume forest when i made this video vsss ah second grand trial eh in the second island alright maybe ill make another update when i get further in the game you know but if you want to know what kind of team i have right now its uhh look it looks like this for now grander wipod you know pretty much like this games mudkip hes got 30 hes gonna be fking awesome and den weee hv fema da toracat i maen u gotta go 4 da fire strers rite if u dnt go 4 a fir strarters ur a dumbss and u gota find water things evrthing n green gras things are all about in the beginning but theres usuas not a lot of fire in gaymez like this you always gotta take the fire then you have grogass the grimers i just had to take him one of my fvortes but now thats his fit dark poisonous fking awesome hes not weak to anything xcept like ground and so cold sucking awesome i havnt even been spoiled what he looks like when he evolved but its gonna be a good thing we then have slowfk the the whats it caled thumbbeak yea ummm im probly gonna skip dis latr on bcuz the pigeon equivalent im not rly al abut that sht ill probly skip it lter on in the game tho bcuz idk its 2 mainstream and im cooler than that sht alright and lastly last we have angelam the mischievous the mysterious wan of my fking favorites u know and whenever use it whenever it had an evolution last time i had a mistivous it was sitting in silmour the best of the games it had made thats my whole team at this point pretty much everyone is 25 like 2 of them dese 2 r not dnt wry ajok im gin mka evr 26 bf tri y kno

also i made my charater look like daze ridlious so now when all my pokemon die she u kno she blacks out i grt a boner


tl;dr: watch the video it doesn't take that long to load u lazy cvunit
9 reasons why pokemon moon is better than sun: 1/13/2017 15:11:31

Remove Kebab
Level 58
9 reasons why I don't care
9 reasons why pokemon moon is better than sun: 1/13/2017 20:45:53

Marigold Sunshine 
Level 59
9 reasons why OP is digusting weeb trash that should commit seppuku.
9 reasons why pokemon moon is better than sun: 1/13/2017 22:28:47

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Arson Bjork is also one of my favourite youtubers.. this cancer is pure coincidence

Edited 1/13/2017 22:30:27
9 reasons why pokemon moon is better than sun: 1/14/2017 03:04:28

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 59
can confirm that mallow part ... and i thought the same thing when it was happening. although, i'm pretty sure it is in both games.
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