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Warlight Mechanic idea: 1/11/2017 20:31:04

Level 56
I think that there should be a section where you can rate players, adding a small description on them for the public to see. This way, you can have some idea on who you will be playing with, and more knowledge on wether they are known for lying, breaking rules, etc. Tell me what you all think about this!
Warlight Mechanic idea: 1/12/2017 05:32:41

Mrs. Independant
Level 54
This also seems like a good idea, but the main concern for me would be the fact that there are a few trolls on here that would just use that description spot as their playground, seriously damaging the reputation of some players. Also, there are times when the player didn't break any rules, but they may be too angry after a betrayal of sorts that would have them give a bad review. I don't really play many world diplos, but I do many Game of Thrones roleplays and an essential part to that game is to be careful of who you align yourself with due to all the possibilities of treasons and attacks. It makes the game experience very fun, but there are some that can't handle that level of intensity and would thus put a bad review.

I think the rating system may be well, but another option would be to have a 'reputation' section, where people can either add or remove, that way a single troll's downvote would do minimalistic damage to the players overall reputation. That's just an idea of course.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2